Friday, April 09, 2004

I had an interesting topic yesterday night. I can't really remember it. something related to religion and euthanasia.. something very contraversial... I guess I should adhere to internet policy and not do it. but the question is, it's my opinion, and I should be allowed to say what I want right?

But then again, I am not sure whether it is that topic or what... darn, i should write down my ideas as and when it comes. It would be best...

Anyway, I came across a book in Popular today. About the science of X-men. Weird? but it is so true... There ARE people whith telekenesis abilities, telepathy, and there exists mutants in the communities, working with gypsies and travelling circuses. Even the Ripley's Believe it or Not series show many people with extra ordinary traits... The thing is, with the current ozone layer getting thinner and usage of Radioactive material could and would menifest in the alteration of our genes. Hence, mutants.

Most of the things mentioned in the book is the ability to use the power of the mind to manipulate things, like reading peoples minds, manipulate the water and air particles into weather elements, creating mini-wormholes to 'teleport' here and there (it's true! read Stephen Hawkings), controlling your molecules to dislodge and vibrate at high speeds to penetrate through walls ie walk through walls etc... there is also other types of mutation, like the ability to convert normal energy to light and kinetic energy that shoots out your eyes, absorbing cosmic rays and transmitting them to cause damage, etc... And there is also physical mutations, like Hank's agility, Logan's high cell regeneration rates, and colossus's element changing body. Underlying principle, these are normal happening MUTATIONS.

Last question: if you would have mutant powers, what would you like to have?

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