Friday, January 01, 2010

The Curved Horizon and The Invention of Lying

For the first time, I noticed that the horizon was curved. Maybe it was the refraction caused by the multiple layers of the airplane window, or the effect of the sun setting right in the middle of my view, or maybe it was the fact that I was flying 5000m in the air. Whatever the case, the view was magnificent.

Only a thin redish glow across the horizon served as a reminder where the sun laid down to rest, the sky darkening above it as the night creeps in. There was a clear demarkation between the dark blue of the Indian Ocean and the diminishing warmph of the now orange sky, highlighting the curved horizon.

With some srange reason unknown to me, I was captivated by the scene as we flew further south.

We have always been taught that the Earth was spherical. Early astronomers and physicists were rediculed and condemned for postulating such theories. The world, then, was flat, and was at the centre of the universe. I can only imagine the ramifications will be if the scriptures of the holy books mentions that the Earth was indead the centre of the universe. Perhaps religion would fail back there and then.

The curved horison reminded me that Science prevailed that round, in the never ending debate between the delusions of evangelists and the dreams of scientists. I do not claim that science and religion are exclusive, but there are real grey areas which are stil being debated today, like evolution and creation of the universe.

I guess that is the human's need to seek the truth in all things...

Which brings me to a movie we just watched, "The Invention of Lying." What will happen if lying and falsehood and deceit never existed? The movie potrayed a really good example of what the world would be like.

What really got me thinking was, at the same time, the movie can also be called, "The Invention of Religion." The movie mocks the 10 commandments on two pizza boxes, describes the beauty of the afterlife which no one knew, potrays the evolution of procreation beyond genetics, starts the story of making a story, and even shows the delevoping of a conscience... All created from lying.

When did the human race start lying? Would religion come into play if not for lying? How can they believe that an afterlife exists when no one can truly tell us what lies beyond? What would the world really be like if not for lying? Would we even bother about seeking the truth about all things or would be just take everything for granted as it is?

It was a really good movie for my mind to watch right before the new year.

Happy New Year, everyone.

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