Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Comedy Hour

Almost everyone I know are using Facebook. Gone were ecircles, egroups, circles99, communityzero, and friendster... The fad totally skipped MySpace. Or I missed it. Well, at least no one added me to their list of friends. I could be more proactive on MySpace, provided that the site ALLOWS me to log in. In short, I gave up on MySpace and went straight to Facebook.

Facebook is also where I heard of the name George Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008). Everything I know about him is through Wikipedia. But I have heard his material. What intrigues me is his way of thinking, and most of the thing he says is very true and it feels like he read my thoughts and made it... "good" comedy. If I could voice out like that, I would be saying the same thing he says.

I also like the way he presents his material. He strings it all together, in one fluent speech, rambling about a point in one breath. I wish I could do that, especially in exams where pauses makes you look stupid. He is just amazing.

I proceeded then to look for his material online and I stumbled across one of the first stand-up comedian I ever heard, Garrison Keillor from the Lake Wobegon series. His style of comedy is somewhat different. He does a lot of descriptive stuff, which improves the imagination process and my English as well. He tells stories, memoirs and announcements from Lake Wobegon, which are hilarious. I especially liked his story of his time in the choir, and the parodies of the songs he sings.

Yeah, I'm listening to uneducational stuff instead of studying...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Peter, Penn and Sandler

I happened to come across Russel Peter's latest show. He is a stand up comedian who focuses on racial jokes. He predominantly makes fun of his own race, the Indians, to minimize the hate and makes it all the more funny. He does not take everyday things and add racial elements, but more of taking racial everyday things, like school, food, shopping, etc.

Loads of laughs. Adding to his repertoire of his Chinese and Indian jokes, are jokes about Arabic, Jews and deaf people. Most of his jokes are hilarious still, some pretty obvious. However, he broke out of his racist jokes and made jokes about deaf people. Still true and funny, but I foresee that this path will take him away from race as a source of jokes.

Harold & Kumar 2
My other review today is Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Another hilarious movie focusing on drugs as the hip thing to do. They get into trouble because they both are of a different race and some racist agent decides that all other races are terrorists. Hence they get thrown into a prison in Guantanamo Bay. This agent goes all out attacking all other races which just pisses me off. He is like the epitome of what is wrong nowadays, with racism. I mean racism is one thing, but he is outright ignorant about other cultures in the world.

Don't Mess With the Zohan
Adam Sandler's latest movie about an Israeli super agent who was tired of the war and escapes to America to become a hair stylist. It shows a community of immigrants trying to survive in America being cab drivers, electronic salespersle and other similar jobs. Although it quite stereotypes the immigrants, I still like the movie because it also shows that once they are out of their war-ridden countries they are able to openly accept others into the community.

Anyway, the theme I seem to have today is about racism. I never liked it.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I've decided that I have a fear of phone calls. I tried googling for the correct term, but the closest I got to it was telephobia, which is a fear of telephones... and nomophobia, whis is the fear of being OUT of reach by phone (eg. no batt, out of coverage).

I used to like phone calls, coz it is always someone familiar, something good or exiting... partially coz I don't have that much people wanting to call me, but it is always nice.

I also agreed with my GP teacher that people who break up over the phone or sms because of not answering the phone are really dumb... until I experience it for myself. I look back and sometimes I can say, teacher, you probably never experience it before. Sometimes I say, teacher, you're right that these people are stupid and shallow.

I thought it all ended... until last year when the fear arose again. After my end of year exams, that one dreaded phone call shook the core of my soul. I lost my appetite for... well... til now still.

It worsened when I moved to my new place with new home line and all that. I started to recieve all types of phone calls, from telemarketers and from people I don't really want to talk to.

Yet, I do not turn off my phone.

Maybe I should turn it off... and MSN too...

Oh well...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Great Mother Spode

I finally start my last rotation of the year. Obstetrics and Gynaecology. This is the term I like the most. I don't know how it can be different from others, but it is.

Today's review is the very much awaited game, Spore . I bring it up because just like Obstetrics, this is about creating life.

Spore is a game which encompass elements of several games into one.

It starts as the Cell stage. Players control a cell, with flagella and other appendages, slowly gathering parts from other cells and evolving. Think of it as playing Pac-Man without walls eating DNA material getting bigger and bigger until…

The Creature stage. Similar to the cell stage, you go around collecting DNA or appendages/parts like hands or claws or wings. Along with the cell stage and the later stages, there are 3 ways to get through it, either terrorize and beat the DNA out of the others, or to be peaceful and coax others to give DNA to you, or have a mixture of the two. Then when you gather enough DNA to have a big enough brain…

Tribal stage. After getting a bigger brain and have more followers, you then discover fire and start your own tribe. Again, you can either kill off other tribes or get them to join you. Then when you get enough tribes to join you…

Civilization stage. This stage resembles Command & Conquer, with design your own vehicles and buildings. Basically conquer the whole world, either kill everything, or religiously attacking… or trading time consumingly. Then one day, you develop space flight…

Space stage. You have the whole universe to play in. You have the same civilizations you played with on another game, and downloaded stuff from people over the net, and even EARTH!

Over all, the game is something new, with old elements. I like the game because, like obstetrics, it is all about bringing new life into the world.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Next rotation

I finally got my new harddisk running and everything should be going smoothly as it should. Everything seems to be running, and I pray nothing happens to it now. The only thing is that my computer freezes when I am utilizing too much graphics. Time to upgrade my graphics card. The question is, whether I should get something that really boosts my graphic experience, or just get what is cheap? Next step, monitor...

I also get to do all the online stuff and overdued reports and assignments. Funny that even though I know the theory of writing reports, I can never get about doing one right. Is it because I don't have enough experience? or because I don't read what other people have done? Either way, I am lacking in that part still. Though I do not have to do any reports until next year now.

I am on my first day of a new term, O&G. The last term. Which means I have 11 weeks before my exams again. I have 11 weeks to revise what I have learnt over the past 2 years. 11 weeks to get into gear and pass the exams this time round.

If not, that is the end of my career in medicine.

"Now I know your not a fairytale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don't come true" ~Gabriella, High School Musical

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I recalled watching this animal documentary, trying to identify which breed of dog is the smartest. One of the test I recalled was a test to see how a dog would retrieve a snack from under a low lying table. Most dogs would be using their snouts to push and shove the table to get to the snack, but they identified the smarter dog would be using his paws to reach for it and pulling it out. Conclusion, using another appendage that suit the situation better to achieve result with least hassle.

I guess that is the gist of what my definition of intelligence is. To achieve a result with the least possible hassle. If you are smart enough, you would be able to bypass the drudging slower methods to accomplish something. For example, you would be using icecubes to cool down a drink rather than waiting for it to naturally cool down or blowing on it till it is bearable. But to make icecubes... Some intelligent person decides to make icecubes for that purpose, and intelligently does it, so that he can enjoy cool drinks without having to wait a long time.

So, what it seems to me is that laziness, and the strife to have a more relaxing lifestyle, has made us intelligent.

Or intelligence has made us lazy...

Which brings me to today's review, Wall-E. The humans potrayed in the movie are blobs, who are slowly losing the function of their bodies. They travel around in hovercraft thingies, with a computer screen in front of thier eyes 24/7. Everything they need is given to them. They also start to lose their identities. Well, that is what I saw anyway...

This comes with all that technology that make our lives easier.

Laziness: the cause and effect of Intelligence.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Big Bang Theory

Quoting Stephen Hawkings... nah, I'm talking about a different 'The Big Bang Theory'. It is a sitcom that airs before HIMYM, another favourite of mine. The basic idea of the show is about 4 nerds/geeks who, despite their academic brilliance, are idiots around beautiful girls, like their neighbour. Their neighbour, Penny, is one hot babe. Seriously.

What makes me laugh at myself though, is how much I see myself in their shoes and well, that I actually understood everything they said. Yes I mean stuff like 'Doppler Effect' and 'Schrodinger's Cat' and their various Star Trek, Planet of the Apes and Comic book quotes.

This is like a total opposite of HIMYM with Barney's ever flirtatious comments, with the stuttering and blank faces when confronted by a girl. The most hilarious moments are when the 4 of them huddle up together playing Halo or building some interesting contraption and when Penny exclaims out 'I'm taking off my clothes now,' and NO ONE pays attention.

Maybe it is just me in this particular time, but I feel so connected to them. I am also shy around girls, especially around the ones I like or those I don't know. Of course I don't go silent like Rajesh or spew out random flirting quotes like Howard, but I still have difficulty talking and entertaining them. My father once told me an acronym for conversation topics, WONDERFUL:
W - eather (eg. This is like the coldest day ever!)
O - ccupation (eg. What do you do for a living?)
N - ews (eg. Hey, did you see the Olympic Opening Ceremony the other day?)
D - ay (eg. How's your day been?)
E - xtol and compliment (eg. I love those shoes! Where did you get them?)
R - ecreation (hobbies, movies, music, etc)
F - ood (eg. I miss Malaysian food)
U - seful/useless Information (kinda like this post...)
L - ife and Love (eg. My girlfriend knitted this sweater for me)

I still haven't mastered it yet. But by just KNOWING the theory behind it, I am proud to say that I am a NERD!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Mist

The Mist is a film adaptation of Stephen King's novella with the same name. Yes, a novella is shorter than a novel... but longer than a novelette.

Anyway, the most striking feature about this story is how different people react in FEAR. I just find it interesting to find out how you would see yourself as one of the characters in the movie. After you've decided, 'Yeah, that's who I want to be,' the ironic thing is at the end of the movie...

In fear and panic situation there would almost always be:

1. The Unlikely Hero - This is the person who just does the right things at the right place at the right time. Just like Die Hard. There are other people in the same situation, but his/her actions would make people listen and follow him/her.

2. The Biblical Preacher - This would be the person who starts preaching that whatever is happening is an act of God. He/she believes that they are being punished for all the sins that they have committed and begs everyone to repent and seek salvation. Depending on how psychotic the person is, the situation may blow out of proportion.

3. The Unbeliever - This is the person who is denial and still believes that it is just a prank. He/she believes that nothing is wrong and everything will be ok. He/she argues ardently and may turn violent until he/she: A. dies or B. believes.

4. The Wannabe Hero - This is the person who wants to be of use and tries desperately to help. He/she would be thinking of various plans or gadgets to annoy people and usually does not help the situation. It is usually potrayed as a young teenager who ultimately gets in the way and die.

5. The I-Told-You-So - This is a very annoying character. All he/she does is to spew out comments stating the obvious. He/she would bad mouth anyone and will dampen any spirit. In a movie, you would wish that the character would died early and usually would get cheers from the audience whence he/she dies.

6. The Lovers - This is the couple in the situation. The female counterpart would usually be protected by her male counterpart, or find out that he's a selfish prick. If the situation allows, they would be making out or having sex somewhere. In the movies, they would die during, or after sex.

7. The Scardy Cat - This is probably where most of us sit. He/she would be terrified of the situation and resort to hiding in a corner in fetal position. He/she would not want to move from the spot and would not listen to anyone, no matter how logic it is. In hopeless situations and if the person is depressed enough, he/she would commit suicide.

Every panic movie would potray these 7 roles or a mix of them. There can even be more than one person in a particular role.

In The Mist, there was a scene discussing the reactions that were happening and how it will lead to people killing one another. Like in The Lord Of The Flies. One guy pointed out that it was in their nature to react that way... bringing in religion and politics as examples. If it happens at times out of crisis, then what more when IN crisis? Even with a common enemy, people will still have different view points and sides will be taken.

Anyway, a good psych watch for me. And if you do plan to watch it, take note of the ironic scene at the end. It is so ironic that it is not funny at all.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

All Things Bright and Beautiful,

taken from a christian wedding hymm

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

Each little flower that opens,
Each little bird that sings,
He made their glowing colours,
He made their tiny wings.

The purple-headed mountain,
The river running by,
The sunset and the morning,
That brightens up the sky;

The cold wind in the winter,
The pleasant summer sun,
The ripe fruits in the garden,
He made them every one;

The tall trees in the greenwood,
The meadows for our play,
The rushes by the water,
To gather every day;

He gave us eyes to see them,
And lips that we might tell
How great is God Almighty,
Who has made all things well.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

This is where James Herriot got the names for his collection of books. I can't remember when was the last time I read the first book, 'All Creatures Big and Small'. My first interest in Veterinary. Which I guess led me to Medicine...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Who's hot, Who's not?

I have a lot to complain about, but since the people I am complaining may come across this blog (though really slim) I shouldn't mention any names. This thought has been brewing for ages, and I finally found solid facts that support my feelings. This is a result of my psychological evaluation of the people I know.

I was asked recently what my interests are in. I couldn't tell you exactly what it is, but I can tell you that I hate politics (even that, I like the psychological side of things). I could probably talk to you about everything else, though limited. So in a way, I am easily pleased. Yet, this group of people manage to not please me at all. They have their good sides, as with all of us, yet it is their bad side that is getting to me. I am just annoyed with their behaviour, this inconsiderate careless attitude of theirs. UNCOOL.

Come to think of it, it is hard to describe it without saying who they are... All I can say is, though they are friends, I am thinking that I should stay away from them as much as I can.

On a lighter note, I have met some people who are more of the people I like to hang around with. Though our meetings are a bit superficial, I am sure that friendship can really be cultivated with them. People that I can talk to about anything about. Like movies, games, tv shows, music, philosophy, religion, etc.

Looking forward to our next meeting...

Friday, August 01, 2008

Love Struck

They say it isn't fair to like someone when you have someone else in mind. But there is a story of a ladder of friends/potential girlfriends that every guy possess. There is that epitome of the perfect girl I have in mind, and then there is that nice girl within arm's reach. The question is whether I will give up waiting for something that may never happen and settle for the next best thing, or persue the unreachable hoping that everything is as perfect as I imagined.

Or like any buaya, persue all targets and make a decision then.

I cannot tell you much of the girls I have in mind, as I do not know them that well. It isn't the beauty that is attracting me, it is something deeper that I see in them. Something that makes me want to know them. If only I dare myself to go talk to them more...

The interesting part of this tale is my REM dreams. I was getting married to someone behind a veil. I have no idea who it is. I see and feel my friends around me, but her identity remains a mystery to me. Everything seemed perfect. Then suddenly...

Violence everywhere. Aliens or monsters or undead or shambling corporate presence appear and we engage in an all out war with them. My instinct was to protect this wife-to-be and everyone else around me. It was like going through a Die Hard movie. The funny thing is that this isn't the first time I had this dream. I have had several similar dreams of me getting married to someone behind a veil and a battle after or during. I never knew her name...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Weekly Update

I did something today that I have not done in ages... yes, seeing patients is one of them. But what I am referring to is listening to music, with lyrics that is. Yeah, this all sparked with High School Musical. That and High School Musical 2. And Hairpsray. After stopping listening to Hairspray songs, I quickly went back to soundtracks and songs that I have no idea what the lyrics mean, like jap songs, etc...

Then came High School Musical. Yes, I may be one of the only people who like it. Acting and storyline aside, I'm in it for the dance moves... and the sweet young thing called Vanessa Anne Hudgens. But yeah, the dances are awesome. I really wish sometimes that I can go back to the days where I have friends who would like to copy the dance moves and perform. I miss those times. When I hear the music, I picture the dances, and that what makes me listen to them more. HSM2 was even more vibrant and wild. I can't wait until HSM3 comes out in November. Thank you Kenny Ortega.

The other thing, seeing patients... I am currently in a team which divides the patient load into 2, so effectively, we get new patients every 10days. It is good for the doctors, but not so good for us medical students. I've seen everyone on the list, some demented, some just too old. But I've talked to all whom can on my list and it is time to venture into other student's terrirory. But I lack the motivation and the discipline.

The reason why I am lacking this, as with last year, is my continued addiciton. This time I have a lvl64 paladin on a totally different server. This will make 3 different 70's on 3 different servers. I failed to acquire the scorchling pet for my priest. I've got the relatively best items for my druid and I now have my epic flying form. I am stuck doing nothing now again. Miya coaxed me into creating a shaman on a horde server, which means it will be the 4th lvl70 on another server... though, I would have covered all the healing classes available in the game. I can't wait to see what the Arch Druid does. We'll see how far I can go to 70 when my account expires end of the month.

I need motivation. I need discipline. I need help.

Monday, June 30, 2008

I hate travelling

I hate travelling. It is mainly because whilst travelling, one cannot do much. By that I mean, you cannot really get any work done while on the move. If you are in a vehicle (provided you're not the one driving) you can do quite a bit, but still limited. If you're walking, nothing other than listening to music or calling a friend on the phone. I wish that some day, I can surf the net or watch a movie while on the move.

I recently travelled to and from Singapore on one of the budget flights available. It was my first time, and I have to say, I TOTALLY HATED IT. There was no entertainment, no food, and no space. Even the air stewardess were not particularly attractive. I remained quiet on the journey, as with the other passengers beside me. I can't even sleep well like I normally would. That is 5 hours I will never get back.

I had to travel light, since there was a low luggage weight limit. I only armed myself with a couple of magazines I bought at the airport and my passport to bring on the plane with me. Even that, the magazines were not enough. I got bored pretty fast and I was restless throughout the journey.

On the way back, it started out bad too. I had more magazines with me, which still didn't last me the journey. I could have bought a novel, but I couldn't decide which to buy. The most annoying thing was, I was alone in Singapore and my flight was delayed 3.5hrs. So by checking in 2 hours before the original time, I had about 5 hours at the terminal. I was dumb enough not to catch a movie or something outside, and checked myself into the departure hall. I guess I deserved the torture.

Towards the end of the wait, I even met Evelyn, whose flight was 4 hours ahead of mine. Her flight was delayed as well. I vowed that I never want to travel budget flight ever again. But for that to happen, I need to pass. You get the picture...

THEN, on the filght itself, after I got myself comfortable in my designated seat, I was disturbed by the stewardess to move to another seat. I didn't think much of it at first, but then I started thinking, why am I supposed to move? Aside from the fact that I had a GIRL sitting next to me, I didn't really have a reason to say no. So I shifted... to the emergency exit seats... There were 4 of us guys there. As I wondered why I relenquished my seat next to a girl to sit with 3 other guys, the air stewardess came to talk to us:

"I need you guys to learn how to open the emergency exit doors if anything happens. Now you do this this this, bla bla bla... More information on the booklet."


The guy next to me looked at me and left the seat to his original seat.

So, I was there alone, occupying 3 seats, with larger than normal space for my legs. I guess there was a benefit after all... But still wasn't enough...

I hate travelling.


Another rant...

I was travelling to Freo Hospital the other day. I can't help but being racist. Sure you cannot discriminate against another race, but this is ridiculus.

They are a loud bunch, as with most of their race. Talking loudly and talking about who screwed who and who fathered who. Some things are I don't want to hear, but it is hard to ignore. And there we are, learning about their cultures and that we should respect them, etc. I do not respect them at all as they do not deserve it.

True, some of them are cultured and civilised. Some of them are outstanding, some of them soft spoken. But when 99% of the encounters with them are the same, I find it hard not to be racist.

Even in the taxis to and from the airport, the taxi drivers have nothing else to say but to complain about another particular race or foreign worker. I come from a multi-racial country, studied in a multi-racial environment, but yet... It's like they WANT to be treated differently.

Yeah, I don't know whether it is just me or them.

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Calling

Architechs are hot. So says the random chick in HIMYM. Girls dig architechs.

They build something out of nothing; like God. So says Barney.

My housemate is a budding architech. I see him spend hours in front of his Autocad programs designing his project. I see him spend the another few hours on his drawing table piecing up together the building he was designing.

It reminds me of how I loved to cut out and build models from the Quest collectible book series and the more recent publication, Build the Titinic and Build the Bismark. I also loved building toy models such as miniature GUNDAM models and planes by Tamiya.

The question is, was I ever fit to do medicine in the first place? Failing the course is a major disappointment, but could it also be a sign?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The long table...

Another birthday celebration, another dinner party. The birthday girl got a new radio, a scarf, and a box of chocolates. She celebrated with a lots of close friends and had a wonderful time. She turned 21... again...

I would like to go into my thoughts on birthdays again, but I shouldn't. However, I would like to extend my distaste for any special days, including, Mothers' Day, Valentines' Day and New Years. Why must I have a special day to do all that? These days have been highly commercialised, with card companies and florists reaping the benefit.

I used to get excited whenever I found out that a day was named a certain day, like Grandparents' day, or Secretaries' Day, or Sister's Day, or Rememberance Day, or Earth Day, or Hugging Day, or Sweetest Day, or May Day. The list goes on... I guess what sparked my awareness of this commercialization is the increase in prices of mooncake and the explosion of jelly mooncakes, tiramisu flavoured, ginseng flavoured, snowskin mooncakes and what not during the Mid-Autumn festival. While others enjoy their mooncake with their favourite durian flavour, I see a lost in the tradition and history behind them. I applaud those who can tell me straight up without referring what mooncakes started out as.

Same goes for birthdays. Why do we celebrate birthdays?

Friday, May 16, 2008


I just reformatted my HD and reinstalled all the programs that I needed...

Now I am in the process of adding sites to my bookmarks. I guess it became a habit of mine back when I was in Singapore to visit a certain series of websites,,,,, and a few more that I cannot remember. Anyway, I since it was imprinted in my memory, I decided to visit them for old times sake. Or rather I was lost to which sites I currently visit nowadays...

Surprisingly, my old circles99 groups are still there. I even checked the M203 group, which surprisingly had visits all the way since 2006 where we all dispersed from Bukit Jalil campus, albeit the once a month random visit. Last entry was Febuary this year and the previous one was August 2006.

With this feeling of nostalgia, I confided in my partner in crime, Raj, and visited old chat programs, mainly ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger. ICQ was THE chat program of the last century. I vaguely recalled my number, thus I spent 30 minutes locating ME. 41290931. I remember the time when I refused to use MSN because ICQ does it all. Anyway, I logged in... and... found no one online... (2hrs later while writing this, it is still empty). I can't really say that I am surprised, but I had a look at all my contacts, most of whom I had not talked to in a very very long time. (I also checked my 7 Yahoo! Messenger contacts, who were also not online...)

Even at one time, Friendster was a huge hit. I still see many of my contacts there log in and update stuff, but I seldom log in there now... I am putting up a message that I have permanently moved to Facebook. Yeah, Facebook... the replacement for Friendster, which replaced circles99, which replaced, which replaced ecircles. Facebook looks like it is going strong. I doubt that it will fall apart anytime soon. With all the applications (Graffiti, my favourite), walls and connectivity, I would give it 1 more year at least. Though, with that being said, I know of a few friends who already gave up on facebook.

Of course there is the everlasting Blogs which existed in my life since 1999. Never really got into blogs... but it's out there...

I also have a MySpace page and MSN Live Spaces. I also recently recently registered under,, and All ready to become the Internet's Top Community Program. Stay tuned. As for my websites, I have this blog and Picassa. And not to mention the various free porn sites. Seriously, not going to mention them.

I've come to a point where there are so many Tom, Dick and Harry Community programs, I just want to stick with one although no one wants to stick with it anymore. I used to join all these things bcause I was afraid of being left out. Frankly, I still am, but I decided to keep in contact to the people who matter and those in the immediate vicinity. I mean, like getting home addresses and occupation and stuff. It sounds like I only know a person for their use... HAHA...

I guess this is how the times have changed over the years...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Curse of the Photographer

I can't sleep. It's 1am in the morning on a Tuesday.

Anyway, I decided to blog. This is what happened last Sunday.

I can't really tell you much. By random chance, I was bestowed the opportunity to organize a gathering for the IMU student/doctors that were currently in Perth. It took little planning. I kept thinking that it was easy to organise a BBQ. Get sausages, book a pit, cook, eat, leave.

I started the invites earlier in the week, giving them notice to book their calendars. Then I started thinking of what my menu should be. This was what I started out with:

Easy stuff. Buy sausages, buy salad + dressings, order Dominoes on that day.

Then I decided that I crave for sushi. I didn't want to order those and decided to make it instead. I still think it's not a bad idea, but the people involved would tell you it isn't. Well... I'LL DO IT AGAIN! So, the ingredients for sushi? seaweed, japanese rice, vinegar, salt, cucumber, zucchini, egg, sugar, tuna, tartar sauce, japanese mayonese. Time taken... 2hours.

As I worry that we would not have enough food, the sausages became 3 types of sausages to a total of about 50 pieces, 20 slices of bacon/ham and 20 pieces of premarinated chicken wings.

As for salads, it became coleslaw which I made, fruit salad which I made, and potato salad which Wei Kuei made. All of which had so many left over, it was my breakfast lunch and dinner for a few days.

Luckily I didn't order the pizzas.

Also, I had Evelyn make eggtarts for me. The eggtarts, though, ended up to be eggtarts and fruit tarts. Effectively, the amount of food doubled or tripled the amount I set out for at the beginning. I had so to take home all the leftovers, it's not even funny. Not to mention the bottles of coke, fruit juice, marshmallows, gummybears and Doritoes that were left unopened.

So, the bill...

Meat stuff (sausages, bacon, chicken wings)

Sushi stuff



Unopened food


The look of everyone's faces and the joy of having organising a BBQ?

Oh yeah, the title.. basically means that as a phtographer, you will never get good shots of yourself.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Game Freak

This is a Quesionaire that I found which was meant for game developers. I've modified it to suit to the general gaming community. I'm just gonna tag it, as how every chain main starts...

Right now, my desktop...
... is in the process of a slow upgrade, starting with the CPU and motherboard. Maybe by the end of next year, I would have a totall new computer (which would probably be obsolete by then, sigh). At least I can enjoy World of Warcraft.

Games have taught me...
... so much, I don't know where to start. Don't spit into the wind. Take everything in moderation, even World of Warcraft! There is no cow level. Kane refers to Cain from the Land of Nod. Guybrush Threepwood is able to hold his breath for ten minutes. There is ALWAYS a way to solve a puzzle in PoRTaL.
Seriously. There are many lessons to be learnt from games, if you know how to look. Love, loyalty, Lawful Good, Creativity, Death.

My games are...
...ranging from 16-bit Platform games to First Person Shooters, from point-click strategy to Real Time Strategy. The only games I dont play are sport simulations and racing games. I play everything else.

My favourite game...

...has yet to be revealed to me. Top 5:
World of Warcraft
Half-life 2
The Longest Journey
Freespace 2
Haha, I just realised that they are all of different genres. Goes to show how diverse my interests are.

My latest game...
...was PoRTaL. Awesome game. My kind of game. Full of puzzles.
Storyline was also intriguing. You start out all alone is a test chamber with an annoying song on the radio. Really annoying. You start then jumping into blue/yellow portals completing seemingly easy tasks, level by level. Then you pick up the blue portal gun, then the yellow portal gun, and now you are on a portal spree! Then same theme playing on another radio... portal that away... nice....
Then the puzzles get tougher and tougher. By the time you know it, its the end of the tracks for you. But defiently, wanting to play with more portals, you jump away at the very end, and thus starts the actual game, with enemies and tougher terrain. At the end of 4 hours, the familiar tune starts playing again, but this time, I really am enjoying it. I downloaded it and its replaying over and over again, yet I am not one bit annoyed. Haha!

My next game...
...that I am anticipating a lot is Spore. Yes, more than Wrath of the Lich King. Its SPORE. Spore promises a game that spreads what Civilization and Empire Earth does and go back to even before humans existed. Yes, the game starts out with single cell organisms and goes on to high tech space colonization. And this is where I can guess Star Wars gets their idea for aliens. Kind of like the game Evoluion: The Game of Intelligent Life, but they are based on real fossil records. But yeah, SPORE!!!

When I go to games stores...

...I look for the cheapest games that I either want to play, or played, but would like a copy of the original.

In ten years, games will...
...mourn the loss of WoW expansions...

I will retire when...
...I die. I shall play games for as long as I live!

(the following questions removed)
i.The best part of the creative process is...
ii. I develop for PC because...

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Yup, without my WoW addiction, I found another addiction: Graffiti.

There are some really awesome graffiti done by other people, and I can only scratch the surface of how they manage to plan and produce such beautiful images. So far, I have only been using my mouse, which limits how much I can do. Some of the images I've seen require the use of a stylus and touchpad thing. It would be really useful to prevent my mouse hand from acting up again. Come to think of it, it was set off by WoW addiction in the first place...

I got into graffiti so much so that I have no inspiration to blog. Thus ends my blog mania from that one little glance with a girl I saw only briefly.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rubik's Cube Party

I came across an article in the Reader's Digest in my GP the other day. It just struck me as interesting and something that I would definitely like to try one day. I just need at least 8 other crazy friends willing enough to participate in this outrageous idea. If you are not familiar with a Rubik's Cube...

"As you know, the Rubik's cube has six sides and six corresponding colors: BLUE, GREEN, RED, PURPLE, YELLOW, AND WHITE. Unless religious obligations mandate a monochromatic wardrobe, I expect you have some clothes in these colors. You should try to wear as many items of clothing in as many different colors as possible, in effort to vaguely mimic the appearance of one side of an unsolved Rubik's cube. Your goal will be to leave the party wearing only one of the aforementioned colors, thereby solving the puzzle. To achieve this goal, you will be expected to exchange items of clothing with other guests. As with a real Rubik's cube, this is a puzzle of strategy. Negotiations (often involving alcohol) are likely to take place, along with the inevitable underhanded tactics and coercion normally practiced only by the ballsiest politicians."
Full article here

Its just whacky.

Speaking of colourful, I found this the other day:

If you're puzzled over why this ugly looking insect I put under colourful, it actually is a larva of a lady bug. Its been ages since I saw one, and I just happen to come across it on the way to work. Neat, huh?

Have a colourful day!

Monday, April 21, 2008


After 22km of cycling carrying 10kgs on my back, being in the cold and wet form the rain, getting painful swollen gluteus maximus from an uncomfortable seat, having friends shouting at me to hurry up, and going through 2 runned down camera batteries later...

The day started, just as any other,
But 6am on a Sunday was quite a bother,
Back aching from sleeping on the floor,
Cold damp weather seeping through the door.

Got up, got dressed, prepared nonetheless,
Packed up just as Sichang arrived with the rest,
So down to the train station we headed,
“Expect several showers,” was what we dreaded.

It rained once, on the train to Fremantle,
But when we got there, the weather looks settled,
We were all excited as we marched on board,
But the moment we sat down, we all got bored.

So we took out the cards and played ‘Bluff,’
And got seasick as the sea was rough,
It rained the second time, whilst on the ship,
I wondered how many showers we’ll have on this trip.

Luckily the rained stopped when we docked,
Straight to the bicycle hire shop we flocked,
All seems wonderful, all sunny and dry,
But it rained again, made me want to cry.

We flocked to Dome, to have some hot drinks,
Now ‘weather’ was taboo and became a jinx,
When our last companion finally arrived,
Our excitement and enthusiasm was somehow revived.

The first thing that we did on the trail we rode,
Was to get lost at the very first fork in the road,
Map-reader was blamed and we should reappoint,
But anyways, we ended up at a nice lookout point.

Victory was short-lived, as it rained again,
Got under a hut, to shelter from the rain,
Seriously, it was becoming a pain in the butt,
At least there were posters on quokkas in that hut,

Finally, “Screw it, we are wet anyway,”
Said Chua, as we were fed up to pray,
So we cycled in the pouring rain,
Both the weather and us, were insane.

There was no shelter that we could see,
But the rain stopped in 15 minutes, thankfully,
We made a stop, and took some great shots,
But it rained again, this time LOTS.

We pursued and we endured to our next stop,
Up a hill to the lighthouse at the very top,
The lighthouse was white, plain and classic,
Standing tall, but was closed to the public.

Luckily, there was a little quokka nearby,
It looked wild, but it was not at all shy,
As we said goodbye, and zoomed downhill,
King’s bicycle broke and he had a bad spill.

A 4th year, a 5th year, a 6th year and an intern,
And having no first-aid kit was a concern,
Luckily a guy passed by, with some bandages,
And King survived with abrasions and scratches.

We continued to pursue and endured,
All wet, tired, aching, and with one injured,
And the winds were strong and hammering,
Even with my weight, I was staggering.

But finally we reached the furthest cape,
Celebrating and enjoying the scenery with mouths agape,
But then it hit me with this annoying fact,
We had to cycle all the way back…

Reluctantly leaving such a beautiful place,
Making our way back to home base,
But with such an uncomfortable seat, alas,
It was, literally, pain in my ass.

After a total of 22 kilometers,
Body aching, down to all my toes and fingers,
Camera batteries were all spent,
Glad that that was the end of the torment.

We got some rest and something to munch,
And some Quokkas joined us for lunch,
Too tired and not bothered to chase them away,
Phang gave them chips to keep them at bay.

After returning the bicycles we rented,
I still felt a little discontented,
We went to the beach, to serve my need,
We found a place, with lots of seaweed.

We laid down our bags on the nice beautiful sand,
And I went to test the water firsthand,
Then I stripped down, not wanting to care anymore,
Jumped in, and was frozen to the core.

So everyone instead, decided to play with the sand,
Chua engraved our names in the sand,
Sichang architecturally made a ‘man’,
And I castrated it with a swift back-hand.

As we head back towards the jetties,
Phang exclaims that he lost his keys,
People starting to crowd, to catch the last ferry,
And it was also becoming drizzly.

Despite fighting against a horde,
We managed to get on board,
But the waves were brutal with another rain,
Making us sea sick all over again.

And at the end of the day,
Butt and back aching to my dismay,
I just want to curl up into bed,
Wishing that I had spent the day here instead.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ken Rhee

Hi, my name is Ken Rhee.
No, Ken Rhee.
No. Ken. Rhee
Ken what?
Just call me Ken.

I have introduced myself as Ken Rhee for so long, and it's not something that anyone can pick up first off and remember it. It takes time getting use to. So, to save that few seconds of people's time, I introduce myself as Ken now. Though, I rather people call me Ken Rhee whenever they can. But with that being said, they can only call me Ken Rhee after knowing me for a while. So as a message to all my friends (well, those reading my blog anyway) to call me Ken Rhee and not just Ken.

Strangely, when I told my friend to do this, she decided to call herself Ken Rhee too. She would not respond to her own name now, but will look if I call her Ken Rhee. It takes time getting use to, but saying 'Ken Rhee' is a mouthful... to me at least. Yet, I always like it if someone calls me Ken Rhee. I know it may be hard for you, but I really appreciate you all now. Thank you.

Yeah, I am saying my name now repeatedly in a few different tones, which I unfortunately cannot convey them through the blog. From a semi-erotic tone to a blasting angry tone.


Yeah baby, SAY MY NAME!

ken rhee

Monday, April 14, 2008


A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. That's why in OSPE's we are required to do lots of descriptions on a bunch of cells that look all the same and make a pathological diagnosis. BUT no, I am not going into some medical mumbo-jumbo discussion about this topic. What I want to say though, is about body language and non-verbal communication. (Yeah, sounds medical again, but no)

It is like given a picture of a person, facial expressions and body language can tell a lot. If I extrapolate that to a series of moving pictures, like a video, more information can be added. Then, add sound into the mix, and you get something REAL LIFE, with literally millions of bits of data.

This is interesting because a what may sound like a grunt is actually a series of sentences in a complex mixture of high-/low-pitched noise compressed into a short burst of sound. So a:


could actually mean:

'I waited for you for so long, but you didn't call or let me know that you will be running late and I started to get worried that something dreadful might have happened to you on your way here, but here you are not even with the slightest idea of how I worried I've been and how I felt, I wish you would be ever so thoughtful and to let me know about these things in the future.'

And what may look like a simple frown may actually be gestures and movements that lasts for only a few miliseconds and are so fast that our naked eyes miss out on the elaborate dance of Swan Lake that the person is performing. Yet, our brains can fully interpret that:

a raised eyebrow

actually means:

'You are not being serious, are you? I mean, you've actualy paid a ridiculus amount for something so miniscule, are you sure it is actually worth it? There has to be a really good reason to why you have done such a thing and I want to hear it now. It better be good. You're such a spendthrift, you know that? It's like money grows on trees for you, doesn't it?'

So why am I elaborating on this subject? This is the summary:

Ken: A
RS: but X!
Ken: D, A.
RS: Y...
(10 mins later)
Ken: C
Ken: C. A.
RS: XXX!!!
Ken: D. C.
(10 mins later)
RS: X :'(
Ken: D
RS: XXX!!!
Ken: B.
Ken: B!

Click on comment to find out more.

Isn't life easier with all these short ques?

Friday, April 11, 2008


Hi. Meet Fluffy. He's a cat. He's a beautiful cat.

Fluffy doesn't belong to me. I don't know who he belongs to. He doesn't have a collar. But he is very friendly. He visits me almost everyday. On rare occasions, he manages to get past the fly screens and roams the house. He would sit on my lap automatically while I play or study at my desk.

Meet the latest addition to the house. We're still in the process of naming them. So far, I've come up with 'Zerg', 'Terran' and 'Protoss', or 'Ken Rhee', 'Si Chang' and 'Phang'. My housemate on the right came up with 'Bai', 'Chi' and 'Chou'.

This is where they sit in our house.

The one that ate one of my seamonkeys, I name 'Terran'.

I like having pets around.
It reminds me how much I love animals.

More on that some other time...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stress makes you Stupid

It starts with a Nut. An Almond nut. The Amygdala.

Or so we were told today by our charismatic and entertaining lecturer, who is a psychologist. Everything starts when we are born, everything that we are starts there. How we express ourselves, how we react to stimuli, how we interpret things, how we cope with life events. As we develop, our mid brain develop first; thats where all our autonomic responses are processed. Then comes to the lymbic system where most of our emotions and fears are. Last is our cognitive function such as speech and rationalization. And everything is a learning process that begins when we are born, with our attachments to the people around us and the environment.

So, I am the way I am, because that's how I have learnt and have been since then.


Who am I?

I never like to talk. I prefer typing. To me, typing eliminates most of the emotional side of things, body language, tone; something that I do not handle well. I would probably score good marks on a EQ written test, but put into a real situation I don't think I will be able to convey genuine empathy, sympathy and end up with just apathy.

Which brings to the next part of the lecture: EMOTIONS. :)

The basic idea is that emotions are in the lymbic system and not in the cortex. So when you get stressed or emotional, you aren't thinking rationally. So, as an aspiring General Practioner, we have to learn about how TO handle difficult patients and how WE handle difficult patients.

Then the question arose, to avoid getting stressed and becoming better doctors, do we forgo our stressful studying practises?

When you are stressed, it has been proven that more blood goes to your lymbic system and midbrain than your cortex, to you appear to be less intelligent. STRESS MAKES YOU STUPID

So when you relax, more blood goes to the rest of your brain and you are able to process information better and makes you be less emotional and more rational. THE BRAIN IS LIKE A SPONGE; IT ABSORBS BETTER RELAXED

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


The days I had without WoW were horrible. I've tried various things to get me through. But I got depressed nonetheless. I find little interest in whatever I do, like studying and sleep.

The only thing that cheered me up was watching and reading comedy. First up was How I Met Your Mother. Starring Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Jason Segel, And even Alyson Hannigan from the American Pie series and Neil Patrick Harris from Doogie Howser M.D.

The sitcom is mainly about how Ted met his wife but it is never revealed so far who this girl is. So every week, Ted hooks up with a new girl, and with his hilarious bunch of friends, the story gets very interesting. What I like about the show is the excessive use of puns on almost every situation. I also admire the works of Neil Patrick Harris. He not only does the most jokes, but he also come up with various ways to flirt with women and new rules and theories about life and dating. This show is just... AWESOME.

I'm also curently listening to one of the songs from the Civilization IV soundtrack, entitled 'Baba Yetu'. Again, this harmonized singing with a tribal rythmic beat in the background just makes me want to dance my heart out. I decided to research on the song to find out what it means. Well, I found out that it is actually Swahili. And the more surprising thing is the translation: taken from here
free music

Our Father, Jesus, who art
in Heaven. Amen!
Our Father, Jesus
Hallowed be thy name.

Give us this day our daily bread,
Forgive us of
our trespasses
As we forgive others
Who tresspass against us
Lead us not into temptation, but
deliver us from Evil, and you are forever and ever!


Your kingdom come, your will be done
On Earth as it is in Heaven. (Amen)


Give us this day our daily bread,
Forgive us of
our trespasses
As we forgive others
Who tresspass against us
Lead us not into temptation, but
deliver us from Evil, and you wake the dead (?)

Our Father, Jesus who art...
Hallowed be thy name.

It is just an AWESOME song. I also found a more detailed blog about this song.

Monday, March 31, 2008

A Circle

I am beginning to feel like a tennis player. Love means nothing to me now. I tried to court her but I didn’t have the balls to do it. I served whatever I had over to her side, and it was never returned. I was about to call it deuce, then it hit me.

My life is at a plateau… its all flattering. Sometimes I feel like I am going to explode with this built up energy. If it happens, I would probably make Ma cry. I don’t want to burn her hopes. It is hard when everything feels like its all going down slope. I guess I have to be cool and hold myself together.

I’ve thought about it. Having only my current circle of friends is pointless; it’s like drawing with a broken pencil. I might leave an impression, but it can be damaging. If only I can find a way to make our cliques click. Hopefully something will overlap, and there will be some interest… and then my life will make more sense. I guess all I want is some change. Only then, can I coin my life to be wealthy.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rhee-son to Live 2

You’re the reason to live
You’re the reason to breathe
You’re the reason I can fly
You’re the reason I’m a good guy
You’re the reason I become whole
You’re my heart and soul

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rhee-son to Live

" I've decided that you will be the one I will sacrifice my life for "

I had a very interesting talk with a friend I barely knew today. He was doing his options in PMH, just as I was last year: Cystic Fibrosis. The topic we talked about, was Christianity.

(Maybe it's the people, maybe it's Christianity, but I always feel welcomed among them.)

Anyway, we started out talking about Easter. Then we got into Big Bang Theory and all that argument. Then we talked about our reason to being. Why are we here. At frist, I believed in Karma, you do good, you get good. Now, though its the same thing, I think in retrograde: I am here because of what I did in the past; I am put here for a reason.

His point of view was, if there is no purpose in life or nothing to look forward to, why do we not just eat sleep and be merry? So he chose to believe in God. Thinking the way I am, I've never really questioned what is the purpose of life nor I do not really look forward to anything. What I do believe is that I do what I do because I can, and I am here because I was put here. I don't know which reason to live is better... still pondering over it.

But in the end, both Karma and this idea on purposes of life told me the same thing. I am here because I was put here, I want to do good because I can. I'm just doing this to pass my time here on Earth.

Oh yeah, the quote that was mentioned, I adapted from an Anime. About a guardian who told a girl he barely knew that she will be the one. I watched this anime 8 years back, after my first encounter with anime through 'Evangelion". This anime was entitled 'X'. I don't remember much of the storyline, but what I recalled is what I hold true at this point. So it was a perpetual cyclic war between the Dragons of Earth and the Dragons of Heaven. The guardians of each are unknown to each other, but they battle nontheless and even to their deaths. And one of the dragons of the heavens said "I've decided that you will be the one I will sacrifice my life for" to his comrade. He made that his purpose, his reason to live.

When he first said it, 'You'll be the one' on the first day he saw her, I was really curious as to whether one can feel like that at first sight. I cannot call it Love at First Sight. Love itself has so many levels I won't go though. Was it love that compelled him to do what he did? He never knew her, and will never get to, but he did it anyway. I wish that I can experience this feeling, and to find someone to be who I will be able to say those words to...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Time of the year (again)

Easter brings back so many memories. Last year, I was stranded in the middle of Freo train station at 10pm. The previous 2 years, an interesting surmon. Years before that, I saw a girl cry watching a reenactment of the crucification. Every year (almost) I go to church on this day, this very day in which I cannot find myself to believe in yet. How ironic is that.

Strangely, with every Easter, I learn something new, I hear a new surmon. This year, was about stones. Yes, synonymous with boulder, and pebble. What about stones? Stones are a physical undefined mass of solidified magma and minerals. They rock our world. Stare in ore at the wonder of this piece of gravel. I mean stones can be obstacles, a hinderence, and usually accompanied by sticks that break bones.

There are just so many stones! I have to admid that I have tripped over many, hid in the shade of one and even peed on some in hopes that water will break it eventually. I know of some who sees one and starts chiseling to make it into something beautiful. And even another that puts pressure on it and produces gems from it. But what the pastor said was true, there are many stones, but we must keep having faith. Faith, is something I am severely lacking.

I find it hard to believe that I lack faith.
It was against my principle to put all hope on faith.
I dont trust that faith will see me through.
I have yet to accept that faith will ge the job done.

(There, an attempt to copy "How I Met Your Mother" jokes)

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Its that time of year again. I don't even know why I bother blogging about it. I'm going to post basically the same thing I did last year, with the same content. So here goes:

I do not like celebrating my birthday. Apart from the reminder that you are now one year older, it doesn't do anything as it is still just another day. There's nothing special about it. I don't expect anything to happen on this day. No parties, no cakes, no presents. Even if you gave me a wish, what I wish for is something unmaterialistic, so no one can fully fulfil it.

Now that I look back and think about it, I get depressed on my birthday. It is not because I regret being born (I believe that I was put here for a reason). Maybe because I don't get anything for my past birthdays, so I have learnt it through classical conditioning or learnt helplessness. It's true that I don't get many gifts on that day, so I do not even bother thinking about it anymore.

Few years back, the people I cared for didn't remember my birthday.

Last year, my friends only asked the day before my birthday.

This year, it was probably more depressing than usual. Yeah, the dreaded supplementary exams were just over. When I think I did ok, I will feel more at ease. But, I felt worse than I felt before. My only wish for my birthday was to pass it. I don't usually wish for anything, but this is something that may change my life...

So, to not make this post about me, i link this : March 2nd

Monday, January 21, 2008


So, I was in this group of players, and one of them asks, "How long is your /played time?"
I showed him this.

I dont think he believes me still.

Hi, I am a WoW-aholic...
forum post here

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