Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Story

Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Christ. It is a day for worship and all that religious stuff. For others it is just another reason for a 4 day weekend. For me, I decided to go in. I know, it's a Sunday... It's also a public holiday... I'm also a student... I'm also just only starting my rotation there... To make my Easter Story short, I was not supposed to be there.

Honestly speaking, I was feeling guilty as I spent the whole of Friday and Saturday LAN gaming, playing Dungeon Siege 2, Evil Genius and the newly released Command & Conquer 3. Reviews later.

So on this holy day, I decided to go on take in Fremantle Hospital. Everyone I met gave me a look and asked different versions of, "What da f*** are you doing here?" Like "Aren't you a med student?", "You, GO HOME." and the best, "Do you get paid?"

I shrugged it off and carried on. I like to mention 2 of my patients, who were really nice people. They were both elderly, and I really felt like I was sitting with my grandparents listening to their life stories. One was a war veteran who served in the navy. He was telling me about his poor wife who has Dementia and how he has to cope while having COPD. Walking around easily tires him, so he loves being in a car and enjoys driving, even at 87 years of age. His son wanted to visit him, but he'd rather have him visit his mother at the nursing home. He said that she needed more care than he did. I was amazed that he was still devoted to his wife.

The other patient was a spouse of a war veteran who served in Indonesia under the Dutch army. He too had Dementia. She takes care of him at home and even drives to see him if he is in hospital. She had not taken care of herself recently because of that and developed pneumonia. After chatting about her life and her husband, she started crying and told me that she has lived her life and had no regrets. She told me, if and when her husband goes, she will go too. I've only heard of such stories, such devotion.

Of course by then, it was already 9.30pm. I was stupid enough to trust the journey planner and thought I could catch a bus home, but the last bus was at 5 pm! So I was stranded alone at night 30km away from home on this Easter Holiday. The end.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Jelly Fish

Passively floating,
Aimlessly drifting,
Going where the currents flow,
Life's steady and slow,
Without concern or care,
Neither here nor there,
Always alone, ever so cautious,
Stinging those who approaches,
Going through the days,
Being pelted by waves,
The blazing sun scorches,
The icy water freezes,
Battered against the rocks,
Left alone under the docks.

Monday, April 02, 2007

,,|,. (-_-) .,|,,

YO yo yo… waddup waddup?! It’s bin two long, man, too long! Howit doin, mon? You, me, wees gotta ketchup, sorait? Whayou bin up to dis past month?

Me? Me bin seeting them tests. Goddam failed both. Buh zits cool. Gonna makup forit. Gonna get sum private classes one on one. Should be good, ainit? Ah steal dunchno whada ell went wrong. Them pracs we had, ah did well, see? Ah, its juz ma luck.

Coulda been my goin out to parrrrteeeee! Been doin dat ev’ry weekend man, ev’ry weekend! Weekend iz de time to parrrteee, hell yea! Celebrating birsdays, watchin them moveez. Last wun eyes saw was “Thank You For Smoking”. It wuz smokin I’z tell ya. Funnie az ell. Freakin lessons and wud shit too! Tok about winning arguments and what shit. And dun screw wid them reporters. Them reporters may have smokin bods, but they aint for screwin. Ya can touch, hold, even squeeze, buh keep ya li’l fren in ya pants, kay? Smokin good movie.

Nuthin else ah wanna say. Gimme a holla, ya sunova bee-yach.

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