Friday, October 26, 2007


(note: pictures have been removed due to indecent exposure)

Sex Expo
Sex Exposition/exhibition

Sexpo was held in Perth last week. If you're not already having sex, this is a best place to start. And if you are already having sex, then you can spice it up there. I was quite excited about going ever since I saw the add on the bus a few weeks back. I kept it at the back of my mind, ready to have a look at this event which we all missed last year.

Sadly... it stayed back of my head and only resurfaced on the Monday after the event. So yeah, no photos anyway. BAH.

Well, I started Paediatric surgery this week. My team seems to be specializing in Urogenital problems. I haven't seen any cool cardiac surgeries or appendectomies... Instead, I got to see some interesting stuff:

11month old girl who is spotting.
2year old girl who is no longer has a hymen thanks to surgical instruments.

and from my other paeds rotations:
3year old girl with stage 3 breast development.

That's my sexpo for you...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On Crying

I find it interesting that there is a different quality of a child's cry compared to an adult. Most babies and children I know cry out loud, demanding to be heard, screaming their hearts out. Older ones cry softly, sobbing to themselves. Adults just shed tears. I believe that all of us go through an equal type of sadness, but what makes us cry to ourselves and what makes kids cry out loud?

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