Monday, January 23, 2006

I am at the airport now... flight got delayed... How many more times must I be delayed???

Wishing everyone the best...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

My Last of Everything...

I had my last sumptiuos meal last night. I had a nice chinese dinner with 5 dishes. As I was eating, I wondered when will be the next time I will be having this sort of food again. I am not sure what type of food I will be eating in Australia. I heard that it cost AU$3.50 for a plate of chicken rice. I won't be far from home then. I was planning to cook for myself or just buy back food from campus. But then, they say hospital food is not that good. I had satay also, last Friday. That was probably the last time for a long time. My kon-loh mee breakfast was probably the last too.

I'm blogging for the last time in Malaysia... I am not sure when I will be blogging next, as my time will be packed (I assume) and I might not have internet over there. So I can say good bye to watching House, Grey's Anatomy, and Scrubs. Unless there is someone who is willing to break it up into 10mb parts and send through gmail. that's 35 files wach episode. Any takers?

I played on the piano for the first and last time this year... good bye to making music. I'm thinking about getting some instrument there, if it is cheaper. Violin sounds nice, and much cheaper than saxaphone. Though Saxaphone looks cooler...

Now that I thought of it, there wasn't much 'Last Things to Do' for me. It all just feels like I will be going for a short while. (Considering my age, it IS a short time). So in summary, what I guess I will be missing are:
1. Family. I have been apart from them for a long time, but I will still miss them nonetheless.
2. Friends. I have said goodbyes, and some not as I liked, but those were the last times I would have seen them. I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone though. I will miss you guys.
3. The family computer with internet. I have many memories here... but most of it has been transfered to my computer, which I will be bringing down. But the internet is what I will miss...
4. Durian, and all the other Malaysian fruits.
5. Food. Malaysian food. Cheap Malaysian food. Cheap and tasty Malaysian food.
6. Weather. I will be going to a more dry country, with a lot of flies. Cold nights and Hot days. Yep, definitely going to miss SEA's weather.
7. To reemphasise, I will definitely miss my friends
8. And saving the Best for Last... I will miss my loving, caring, beautiful girlfriend Evelyn. I will long for a hug from you again...

Friday, January 20, 2006

My Gundam

Various building processes...

...and the final product!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

My Gundam

Various parts during construction. Tedious colouring process.

Assembled torso. Ugly residue and bad colouring.

Posing. Death by getting chopped in the torso

Of Dentists and Wicker Park

As I read Pre-Teena in today's news paper, I was told that I was to go see the dentist... My last visit was in 2000. My father was surprised that I didn't have to get any fillings or crownings for such a long time. This was comparing to my brother who already got two crownings and a couple of fillings. Of course his exposure to sports makes him more vulnerable, and his frequent accidents let him see the dentist on a regular basis.

Me, on the other hand, do not got see dentists. My last trip was when I was Sec 4, and the ASEAN scholars had to go for a check up. Mine took the longest though, I had calcifications. Meaning the hardened residue that stick to the teeth, prominently at the gumline. I had to endure a long cleaning session, as the dentist picked at my teeth. With a pick. Not dril. Pick.

This time round, I had the same thing. But this time, the dentist used a drill. Did not hurt much. I can hear the thing brushing around my teeth and hearing them squeak is horrible. There was too much conduction hearing. Too high pitch. What does one do while sitting in a dentist's chair while the dentist picks away at your teeth? He doesn't really talk to you, and you can't really answer. I stared into the lights and a million thoughts ran through my mind. I was attached to a dentist once. She told me how hard it was to be a dentistry student. Medicine had it easy, she said. I still wonder how different it would be, and how would it have played out if NUS had given me dentistry... I also had a tough time trying to swallow my saliva. I starting thinking of this experiment I thought of.

Try swallowing 10 times in 15 seconds.

Anyway, when the dentist was done, I gargled and spit out quite a lot of blood. I checked the mirror to see more blood. I have seen too much of my blood these past two months, from the numerous blood tests I needed. To check my Hep B, Visa medical checkup, Visa follow up check, now the dentist. I have been trying to find out why I can't donate blood and was trying to see whether I was too chicken to see the sight of my own blood being drained. I think I am afraid.

Anyway, with all the tests done, I finally got my Visa today. It was dated 1AM. The amusing (but unfortunate) thing is that I was holding on to a ticket for the 19th, but I had to let it go yesterday. And NOW my visa comes, and I don't have a confirmed date for my flight. And the person doing all the work all these while went on leave today. We could have gotten on the waiting list for the 19th, but the replacement was on half day. She didn't bother to do so and just left with her half day. It was irritating. But I might not have gotten it anyway.

I was watching Wicker Park just now. I had no idea what the storyline is, but I was too bored to do antyhing else. In the movie also, there was a scene where the guy had to change his plane ticket. The magic time seems to be 4pm. After that time, there will be openings... just like mine. So I hope they will get me a ticket soon. I don't want to miss classes and I was hoping that I can settle in, get a place, open bank accounts etc... Keep praying

Wicker Park is about an obsessive character. At first I thought it was the guy. Then as the story reveals itself, more flashbacks, introduce more characters and more of their flashbacks... The way that they show it was nice. Each flashback had a different point of view, of the same event. And only when everything is put back together, it makes perfect sense.

Apart from the cinematography, the thing about Wicker Park was about what one can or will do when you are in love (or obsessed about). Lying to your friend, planning scenarios, making up stories, twisting the plot so that you get to be with the one you love (or obsessed about). But it was a sad beginning... The guy that she liked ended up liking (and loving) her friend instead. The agony of hearing stories about how nice the guy is and everything, and yet you still have to be nice and caring to your friend... The sad thing was that she managed to sabotage the relationship when opportunity came.

The question is now... what will you do for the person you like/love/obsessed about and how far will you go?

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm Still Here

Two things I thought of to say.

First, I was watching a children's show on the alphabet. A is for Armadillo, B is for Bison, C is for Chameleon, D is for Dolphin, E is for Elephant, F is for Flamingo, etc. Don't get me wrong and make fun of me. I was eating my dinner at a restaurant and it was playing. It got me thinking. I used to know animals for every letter... but I couldn't remember what was for I. The video introduced Insects for I. I felt that it was just plain wrong to do that. But I can't remember I. I have numbat and narwhal for N, and Xenosaurus for X. But I, I cannot remember.

Apart from that, I was also wondering about child development. We used to learn that as we grow up, we classify things from the basics. First we learn that anything that moves other than people are animals. we learn cats and dogs... then we learn more specific names like poodle and bulldog, tigers and leopards... But that video is so advanced. Except for that Insect part, which is more like the learning process. Then I started to think how we all learn the ABC's... and whether there is any difference between learning the A is for Apple, B for Boy stuff and learning through the method above... Will we be smarter from the way we learn our ABC's? or our 123's?

What makes a person smart? I have always wondered how do people end up smarter than others. Genetics play a role I guess, but what did our parents do for us to be smart? How will I be able to teach my own children?

Anyway, saving that for future use... My second thought was when I was watching Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Ok, you can make fun of me now. Anyway, I was watching it and I have this feeling about destiny and fate. Aurora was cursed. Cursed a certain fate. Even though the good fairies tried to prevent her from going through it, Aurora still did get pricked and fell asleep. And as all fairy tales end, the price manage to wake her up. And he was the prince that she was to fixed to marry when she was born. Fate? What is fate? Is life preordestined? Do we have no choice? or do we have choices but it was already fated that we choose that choice? Sounds like the Matrix... (Don't get me started on that Idea...)

The other idea is that certain events are predestined. The journey there can be changed. It's like an inescapable event. No matter what choice you make, it will end up at that point. Like meeting your soulmate. Or ending up on an Island. it's all back to Lost... I'm engrossed in it.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
(...actually it's more of Ken Rhee's Series of Unfortunate Events)

For a long time, I always believed that everything is either a cause and/or is an effect. This sentence is a neutral statement, compared to say, "There is always a silver lining," or "What goes around, comes around." This belief of mine I think is something in line with karma. Something always happen for a reason, whether it's something good, or something bad. In a conceptual world, you do good you get good, you do bad you get bad. However, real life isn't always like this.

But still, the sentence still holds true. The only thing is that you DON'T know what is the cause or the effect. The event could be something that happened as a result of something. Best illustrated as you get punished for something bad that you have done. Or could be rewards reaped from the field you have sowed. When something wrong happens that you cannot explain, and you have not done anything bad in your life, there is only one thing that is left to hold on to. Faith that things will change for the better.

It could be a test, to see how you will come out in the end. A test that will make you stronger. A test that can make you find yourself.

(Lost comes back to mind...)

Now, coming back to my title: A series of unfortunate events has occured to me. More like ill news all the way. Everything isn't going my way, everything isn't turning out to my benefit. And there is nothing that I can do.

It started quite some time ago. I don't know when to start. For one, I have not yet recieved my student visa. I applied on the 21st of December. Others have applied and gotten theirs by the time I applied. The next day, I went to the doctor to get my medical checkup. They found haematuria. And because of that, my medical fees was RM300 for the additional tests.

I was hoping that it would not interfere with my application, but it did. They refered the medical report back to Australia. And due to the holiday season, I only got a reply on the 3rd of January. They just recieved the reports and are reviewing it now. There was another e-mail, from the University saying that they have reserved a place for me in the temporary accomodation, comfirming that I do NOT have a place in the campus. So I have to go look for my own place outside.

I finally got a reply on 6 Jan. They needed to contact my doctor. Fine. Another mail on 9 Jan saying I should go see my doctor. I was supposed to fly off on 9 Jan. The rest flew off on 9 Jan. Why am I still here. I went and I had to go see a nephrologist. Fine. I tried to make appointments, but Tuesday was a holiday. The next available one was Wednesday. FINE.

Wednesday, I also get an e-mail stating that my friends who were already there decided to rent a place together and I will be alone. I have not felt so betrayed... But they have valid excuses. There was nothing I can do anyway. Not only I have to stay alone, I most probably have to miss the entire orientation. I might not even make it for the first few lessons.

So, now, I have problems with my visa, problems with my health, problems of accomodation, problems of settling in. I can only what events will occur next.

And I do not have a clue on what is the purpose of all these, only why it could be happening to me. Neither gives me comfort.

Monday, January 09, 2006

T-minus 1
(well it should have been if not for my health...)

What scares me is now is that I am watching the series Lost. It's about a plane that crashed on course from Australia to Singapore... It features a bunch of survivors who miraculously survived the crash. They all survived, and the main cast all have a tale to tell, and they are actually in fact, emotionally and spiritually... Lost.

So begins the story. Miracles happening and all that. Every episode will star a character, and the problems he/she is facing for the day, and at the same time, will reveal his/her story which he/she will have to relive and find themselves to get through their stay in the island.

Then enter the shamanistic character, Locke. He was a cripple, and the crash made him able to walk. After his episode, he became this sort of a preacher. He believes strongly that the island is filled with mystical powers which brought all those who survived there for a reason. He started taking it like a duty to spread this knowledge, teaching everyone. In the beginning, he was the righteous one. After a while, I felt a tinge of evangelistic sentiments being weaved into the show.

When I look back, Christianity has always been beside me almost all the way of my life. Though I am a Buddhist, I have asked questions about the religion. I feel that I do know much about Christianity, but then, so did Lucifer. Anyway, I am also reading a book "The Case for a Creator." The first few chapters already is shattering my beliefs in Darwinism. I held to the Theory so much because it was the most logical sensical fact in my life. I am still mulling over whether I still hold on to it because I am stubborn or because it is true...

The part which scares me is that I am in this period of not believing anything. Nothing has been going my way these couple of weeks. And I do feel Lost. And an interesting discussion I had yesterday, about the 7 deadly sins. I am committing all of them at this very moment and I don't know what to do. Evelyn tried showing me the other good 14... but I can't see any of it...

Anyway, that's just a gist of what is going on in my mind now. Back to being lost.. I mean, watching Lost

Friday, January 06, 2006

4 More Days...

To be more accurate, the sentance ends with: ...till I know whether I'll be flying on the 9th or not. Yep, I have NOT heard about my visa yet, so I might leave suddenly on the 9th or later. Just my luck to get haematuria at this point in time.

I have just completed Phase 1. Phase 1 was a gruesome challenge, taking a lot of my time and effort. Initially, I thought I might not make it, but after a little coaching and help from my parents, I managed to complete it, with extra's as well. There were a lot of doubts and worries, that I might not make it, but with a lot of reorganising, it was finally done. In the end, it wasn't a close shave, but far from it. I really had lots of room in the end. I could breathe easily now. And I because of that, I will be getting new medical books! oh joy! Well, that's the end of Phase 1: the Packing of the Bag.

I am actually halfway through Phase 2 and Phase 3. My desktop (yes my DESKTOP) is actually the same size as my monitor, but not as slim though. But still, I can actually fit both CPU AND monitor into a carry on luggage, with additional space for extra clothes. My keyboard and mouse are in Phase 1 and almost impossible to retrieve now. But I have spare mouses/mice that I can still plug in. No keyboard though. Anyways...

The books I am bringing Down Under are Kumar & Clark, baby Talleys, baby Patho, Oxford Hndbook of Clinical Medicine and Surgery. And if there is space, I can even bring papa Patho or Dorlands. And IF they close one eye, I think I can smuggle in a novel or two. What I will definitely bring onboard is a crossword book that I bought with Evelyn. Something to do on a 5 hour flight...

What I have decided not to bring (or rather don't have the means of getting it) is a PDA. I could fill it with programs here, but sadly they ran out of the beautifullest of models, with built in bluetooth, WiFi, 128mb worth of accesible memory, and a camera. No other model can top it for that price. That was the year end sale. It's never coming back... However, my eyes turned to the Dell Axim series, where there is similar features, with more speed, but less memory no camera. However, it only deals stuff online and takes a week to deliver. So much for getting a PDA. But who knows, I might not need it there.

Another problem that awaits me Down Under is accomodation. I can save loads if I manage to share with my collegues, but it seems like they have other ideas in mind. I can't change their minds, but I do wish though, that I would still get a roof over my head. As of right now, I think I do NOT have any accomodation at the campus.

The Aussie Dollar has also been increasing, last I checked was 2.7, but now it is 2.85. Oh well. another headache there. This will also be a new year resolution (for me to break) to keep track of my expenses to the 5 cent. Hopefully, I can save enough to actually live a social life, even if it was for a day.

Anyways... wish me luck

Sunday, January 01, 2006

It's been a long time since my last post... so this is a summary of what has happened:

Studied for End of Semester Exams
Sat for EoS
Passed EoS => can go to Australia
Applied for Visa - Spent AU$420
Medical Checkup - required for visa - spent RM 300
Got back report - good news, I dont have AIDS. bad news, I have haematuria.
Bought Air ticket - spent RM 2656
Finished the Convocation Magazine. Didn't manage to add in the trivia questions to every page.
Stayed up for more than 24 hours. finishing the magazine.
Planning on starting a cd version though...
Watched Extended Edition of Lord of the Rings. By that I meant all three movies.
Finished watching Desperate Housewives.
Watched Narnia and King Kong
Gave a friend a Gundam Model and got one back.
Help make a Gundam Model
Painting my own Gundam model
Playing Black and White 2, The Sims 2 and Chronicles of Narnia
Started watching Gensomaden Saiyuki. Hope I can finish it before I leave

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