Sunday, February 12, 2006

Perth, Week 3

I just enjoy my time here. There is so much to do and see here. And I repeat, I LOVE NATURE. I simply love the easy life, wonderful trees and animals...

Just this week, I have seen many exotic birds here. Parakeets are flying free overhead, and not trapped in a cage that I've seen all this while. I just love being free.

Ironically, I have decided to stick to the hospital as much as I can. I feel much more at home in the hospital and I get to interact with people. I made some friends there too. I saw one of my patients get discharge. He was such a nice man that was stuck in the hospital. Now he is free. Anyway, I was trying to say, I learn things when I am at the hospital. Our doctor advice us to get used to examining patients and have a go at least once in all the systems. And if you wait long enough, you can even get to do other stuff, like injecting people's medication, drawing blood, and inserting an IV drip. There are lots of BP taking, temperature and PR as well.

I am having fun there la. I guess it can either go up or down from here. I hope it goes up!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Perth, Week 1 & 2
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It's been slightly over two weeks that I have been in Perth. The place is just BEAUTIFUL. I love UWA. It is a park. It is a PARK with lovely trees and many birds. There are resident peacocks there and ducks... I just enjoy it here. It is just so calming. To tell how beautiful it is, people can actually have their weddings here in UWA. It is an open campus, where public can enjoy themselves to the many sceneries here. UWA is also situated beside the Swan River, with a small little beach and sand. The river is so wide, that it almost seem like the sea.
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The first time I went to the river bank, it was with some other Malaysians studying medic in UWA. some came when they were wee small, and some only after SPM. I made new friends that day, of course not forgetting my old ones. They were a bunch of friendly people. We watch the Australia Day fireworks from the river bank. It was about 15 minutes long, with lots of beautiful colourful sparkles. After some games of Mafia and Bluff, and after the fireworks, we went to a Vietnamese restaurant for dinner and just to hang out. Before we knew it, we were the last customers in the store and we had to leave...
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The second outing was at one of their house. His name is Francis. He cooks. He is sporty. He is an artist. He does well in exams. He's single. He's perfect.

Back in classes, we did a range of stuff, from things that we IMU people already knew, stuff that we were taught, but not thoroughly. So basically, we did the same things, but in greater depth. We drew blood from friends, we insert catheters into models' arms and penis, we performed CPR and defib SimMan.

I am in the middle of my Nursing attachment, and I had to bathe patients, take vital stats, gave a subcutaneous injection to a patient and make beds. It was the closest exposure I ever had. And in this point in time, I felt more confident than I was in IMU, in KKB or Seremban. There was motivation. I had something pushing me, yet it was the same clinical situation.

Next week, I get to examine women's breasts. Something I think we will never do in IMU. But maybe I am just lucky to have the right Doctor.

In short, I am enjoying myself.

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