Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Weekly Update

I did something today that I have not done in ages... yes, seeing patients is one of them. But what I am referring to is listening to music, with lyrics that is. Yeah, this all sparked with High School Musical. That and High School Musical 2. And Hairpsray. After stopping listening to Hairspray songs, I quickly went back to soundtracks and songs that I have no idea what the lyrics mean, like jap songs, etc...

Then came High School Musical. Yes, I may be one of the only people who like it. Acting and storyline aside, I'm in it for the dance moves... and the sweet young thing called Vanessa Anne Hudgens. But yeah, the dances are awesome. I really wish sometimes that I can go back to the days where I have friends who would like to copy the dance moves and perform. I miss those times. When I hear the music, I picture the dances, and that what makes me listen to them more. HSM2 was even more vibrant and wild. I can't wait until HSM3 comes out in November. Thank you Kenny Ortega.

The other thing, seeing patients... I am currently in a team which divides the patient load into 2, so effectively, we get new patients every 10days. It is good for the doctors, but not so good for us medical students. I've seen everyone on the list, some demented, some just too old. But I've talked to all whom can on my list and it is time to venture into other student's terrirory. But I lack the motivation and the discipline.

The reason why I am lacking this, as with last year, is my continued addiciton. This time I have a lvl64 paladin on a totally different server. This will make 3 different 70's on 3 different servers. I failed to acquire the scorchling pet for my priest. I've got the relatively best items for my druid and I now have my epic flying form. I am stuck doing nothing now again. Miya coaxed me into creating a shaman on a horde server, which means it will be the 4th lvl70 on another server... though, I would have covered all the healing classes available in the game. I can't wait to see what the Arch Druid does. We'll see how far I can go to 70 when my account expires end of the month.

I need motivation. I need discipline. I need help.

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