Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Comedy Hour

Almost everyone I know are using Facebook. Gone were ecircles, egroups, circles99, communityzero, and friendster... The fad totally skipped MySpace. Or I missed it. Well, at least no one added me to their list of friends. I could be more proactive on MySpace, provided that the site ALLOWS me to log in. In short, I gave up on MySpace and went straight to Facebook.

Facebook is also where I heard of the name George Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008). Everything I know about him is through Wikipedia. But I have heard his material. What intrigues me is his way of thinking, and most of the thing he says is very true and it feels like he read my thoughts and made it... "good" comedy. If I could voice out like that, I would be saying the same thing he says.

I also like the way he presents his material. He strings it all together, in one fluent speech, rambling about a point in one breath. I wish I could do that, especially in exams where pauses makes you look stupid. He is just amazing.

I proceeded then to look for his material online and I stumbled across one of the first stand-up comedian I ever heard, Garrison Keillor from the Lake Wobegon series. His style of comedy is somewhat different. He does a lot of descriptive stuff, which improves the imagination process and my English as well. He tells stories, memoirs and announcements from Lake Wobegon, which are hilarious. I especially liked his story of his time in the choir, and the parodies of the songs he sings.

Yeah, I'm listening to uneducational stuff instead of studying...

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