Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Movie Marathon

I've been watching several movies this past few weeks, among which are highly acclaimed titles like Superman Returns and Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Surprisingly, the movie that I liked best was The Breakup.

Sure, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 had awesome graphics and scenes, it just didn't quite make the cut for me. Will Turner was still being Legolas. Elizabeth Turner was more seductive. Jack Sparrow was being more.. of an ass. It seems like a great change from the first movie and perhaps I had too high expectations for it, so I would say that it wasn't good enough for me. But I still love the two 3-way combat scenes at the end of the movie. The graphics was not as impressive as the first movie and there were certain things that I didn't see a point in having. An example was the battle on the Black Pearl, where they used barrels of gunpowder on the Kraken. Really pointless action scene. 3/5 rating

Superman Return also was not as great as I hoped. Actually I didn't hope anything for this movie. All I know is that it is a continuation where the original 4 movies left off. It is different from the more popular The New Adventures of Superman so I was a little annoyed it didn't tally well. I'm also very influenced by the cartoon series The Justice League and how they potrayed Superman there. If you have been traveling down the same path as I did, I don't think you would have liked the movie that much. I didn't agree with how they potrayed Clark and Superman. And I was probably too used to Teri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives to appreciate Lois Lane. I make no sense... 2/5 rating (Raj going to kill me...)

Zathura. Kinda old, but I had it with me so I decided to watch it. Only one message I got from there: Don't let your emotions guide your decision. 3/5 rating

V for Vendetta. This was a great movie and V was such a charismatic character. And the scene I enjoyed most at the beginning where he introduced himself. I can never spew that much words beginning with V yet alone make a proper sentence with it. I wish I could find the script and post it here... This movie is like a page out of George Orwell, I don't know how else to put it... 5/5 rating

The Breakup was a movie that I relate to, and while I was watching this movie, all I can think of is, 'it's a movie based on the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.' The movie shows both sides of the relationship, from the deep women's point of view and from the simplistic men's point of view. Kniving women with thier schemes and revenge, and the guy's egocentric efforts to save his own face. Apart from that deep meaningful message, I also like the fast paced, pointless chatter that happens between characters in efforts to put force view points for others to see. It's just a load of rubbish being said and I commend the actors and actresses on how they were able to act them out without laughing. And lastly I would like to thank all those who have helped me as how they were helped in the movie. 4/5 rating +1 (for Jennifer Aniston nude)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Books, books and more books

MI have lots of good news and I am enjoying myself so far...

First was the dreaded midyear exams. I went in not knowing what to expect and came out still the same. I thought I did worst in Pharmacology and best in Pathology, with IE the most ambiguous... After a few days of relaxation, our results were out. Thankfully I passed everything. I still don't think I deserve it with the amount I put into studying, but I still am thankful that I passed. And I did best in Pharmy and worst in Path... I still passed.

Next was my psych remediation last month. It really went well. I was given very good encouragement from my remediator, Dr. Gliozzi. She guided me well and I really had fun being under her for psych. The patients were crazy, but willing to be spoken to and quite nice to talk to. They really have interesting things to talk about, if you are willing to listen. So in the end, I was given an ungraded pass, which is still a pass. So KenJ, I got one too ^_^

While doing my remediation, I was having my Geriatrics posting. I was actually posted to the Orthopedics ward where lots of the cases were the frail lil' ol' ladies with osteoporosis. I did more Gen Med than Geriatrics I reckon. I had a case of Guillain Barre syndrome, lots of osteoporosis and one suspected pheochromocytoma/diabetic/cardiac cause of fainting spell. I still don't know what it was, but it was an atypical presentation of the fall. Geriatric patients just have a long list of medical problems with a long list of past surgical/medical history plus a long list of medications. Anyway, after handing in my case report, I got really good grades for it. This will be my first thing that I was ever happy with in terms of marks and the only thing that I know I definitely passed.

Aside from studies, another news would be that Grace is in Perth now for a holiday and completing her journey across the latitude. She is basically been doing what my parents have been telling me to do... EXPLORE. And she has been to more places than we have in Perth... And I have been giving the same old excuses; no transport, no time, no money. Which are really just excuses. Anyway, its great to have a familiar face visiting, aside from hearing a familiar voice ie Raj.

And while Grace is here, she found out interesting stuff to do in Perth like the German dude's Human Body thingy. I last heard about it was by Raj and YP when it was in Singapore. It was so exciting as we approached, but Alas! it was over just the day before... Disappointed, we went to cd, dvd, and book fair instead. We bought a total of 21 books and 5 cds... Books for AU$4 each. There's my manic episode for you.

So with Grace helping to bring over my convomag and a copy of Talley & O'Connor... I have a huge list of reading material to last me my stay in Perth... Thanks Grace!

And my current past time:

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Viral Infection

My computer has been a little buggy over the weekend. It took a while to load up and whenever I open Internet Explorer, I will be directed to an antispyware site. A rogue antispyware. It gives popups about your computer being infected and you need to download antispyware programs to get rid of it. I know they are false stuff and cancelled everything, but it slowly made its way into my system anyway. So, here a page that loads everytime I open Internet Explorer and it automatically downloads spywares. And they in return download more. Never ending chain...

My quest started on Friday 11.58pm. My initial response was to reformat harddisk. Actually, 5 people told me to do so over the next few days. I was really tempted to but I took the short cut and decided to attack the virus/spyware manually. (Short cut coz I didn't want to go through all the backing up, file transfers, reinstalling everything...). I talked to Raj the expert and downloaded a few antivirus/antispyware programs to hope to get rid of it, but this little bugger is dodgy (wow, aussie words) and reinstalls itself everytime I restart the computer. I gave up.

My next step was to go search the world wide web for more information about how to get rid of it. It really helps when you know what to look for. The Net is both blessing and a pain. Anyway, after searching a few websites, taking down notes, experimenting on my comp, I finally deleted the suspected files manually from my sacred Windows folder.

Lo and Behold... Them popups no bothering me anymore. I checked the time, it was 2am Tuesday.

I restarted my computer just to make sure. A few times. I was happy.

Now, I am feeling sick in the gut, lethargic, muscle ache and back pain. I think I caught a virus.

I'll just post up the irritating file name and what I did. Go google to see full instructions.

1. Turn off systemrestore
2. Restart in safe mode
3. Delete the following files. All these files were found in my Windows/system32 folder:
(can't remember what else...)
4. Delete some things from the registry regarding these files
5. Restart
6. Change homepage before opening Internet Explorer
7, 8, 9, & 10. Restart to make sure.

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