Monday, June 30, 2008

I hate travelling

I hate travelling. It is mainly because whilst travelling, one cannot do much. By that I mean, you cannot really get any work done while on the move. If you are in a vehicle (provided you're not the one driving) you can do quite a bit, but still limited. If you're walking, nothing other than listening to music or calling a friend on the phone. I wish that some day, I can surf the net or watch a movie while on the move.

I recently travelled to and from Singapore on one of the budget flights available. It was my first time, and I have to say, I TOTALLY HATED IT. There was no entertainment, no food, and no space. Even the air stewardess were not particularly attractive. I remained quiet on the journey, as with the other passengers beside me. I can't even sleep well like I normally would. That is 5 hours I will never get back.

I had to travel light, since there was a low luggage weight limit. I only armed myself with a couple of magazines I bought at the airport and my passport to bring on the plane with me. Even that, the magazines were not enough. I got bored pretty fast and I was restless throughout the journey.

On the way back, it started out bad too. I had more magazines with me, which still didn't last me the journey. I could have bought a novel, but I couldn't decide which to buy. The most annoying thing was, I was alone in Singapore and my flight was delayed 3.5hrs. So by checking in 2 hours before the original time, I had about 5 hours at the terminal. I was dumb enough not to catch a movie or something outside, and checked myself into the departure hall. I guess I deserved the torture.

Towards the end of the wait, I even met Evelyn, whose flight was 4 hours ahead of mine. Her flight was delayed as well. I vowed that I never want to travel budget flight ever again. But for that to happen, I need to pass. You get the picture...

THEN, on the filght itself, after I got myself comfortable in my designated seat, I was disturbed by the stewardess to move to another seat. I didn't think much of it at first, but then I started thinking, why am I supposed to move? Aside from the fact that I had a GIRL sitting next to me, I didn't really have a reason to say no. So I shifted... to the emergency exit seats... There were 4 of us guys there. As I wondered why I relenquished my seat next to a girl to sit with 3 other guys, the air stewardess came to talk to us:

"I need you guys to learn how to open the emergency exit doors if anything happens. Now you do this this this, bla bla bla... More information on the booklet."


The guy next to me looked at me and left the seat to his original seat.

So, I was there alone, occupying 3 seats, with larger than normal space for my legs. I guess there was a benefit after all... But still wasn't enough...

I hate travelling.


Another rant...

I was travelling to Freo Hospital the other day. I can't help but being racist. Sure you cannot discriminate against another race, but this is ridiculus.

They are a loud bunch, as with most of their race. Talking loudly and talking about who screwed who and who fathered who. Some things are I don't want to hear, but it is hard to ignore. And there we are, learning about their cultures and that we should respect them, etc. I do not respect them at all as they do not deserve it.

True, some of them are cultured and civilised. Some of them are outstanding, some of them soft spoken. But when 99% of the encounters with them are the same, I find it hard not to be racist.

Even in the taxis to and from the airport, the taxi drivers have nothing else to say but to complain about another particular race or foreign worker. I come from a multi-racial country, studied in a multi-racial environment, but yet... It's like they WANT to be treated differently.

Yeah, I don't know whether it is just me or them.

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