Monday, February 14, 2005

Road Kills

i'ts been an interesting 4 day holiday:

road kills encountered: 6
road kills caused: 0

accidents came across: 2
accidents dreamt of: 1

longest drive: 2 hours non stop
longest traffic jam: KL to Bukit Beruntung
road maniacs: countless

I would like to comment on a good deed that I saw someone did and I think it is worthy to be commented on. This happened along the road coming out from the Ayer Keroh Toll Booths heading towards the town. The road was congested, caused by traffic lights, and so the line of cars extended upto 5km away. As usual, there will be impatient people driving, and soon, the 2 lane road became a three lane road. The emergency lane became host to a number of cars from various places. The monotonous chorus of the line from the "Don't cut queue" advert keep going through my head, and I was frustrated that I am the one being bothered by it and not those impatient drivers.

Then came the 'savior'; a bus. At first I thought that this bus also wanted to go onto the emergency lane, but it didn't try to overtake the car infront of him. I was about to make another comment about how impatient drivers are, but I noticed something wrong. The bus had lots of space on his left, but did not move further than he already was. Then it hit me (the thought, not the bus...). The bus was actually trying to block the other cars behind from using the emergency lane! The hero of the day!

But alas due to the little space on his left, daring drivers still went and overtook him from the left. oh well... Some people just never learn...

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