Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm in love...

I've always been thinking what exactly do I want in a girl. As far as I can tell, I don't know what they are, but I've noticed some sort of pattern with the girls thatI've liked, in cluding this latest girl.

I've also thought about a fact about birds from National Geographic. It states that male younglings, when older, will try to mate with someone who resembles the first face that it sees, meaning its mother. So if you look at the story of the ugly duckling, it will in the end look for a duck for it's mate, instead of running off with other swans... Of course if I bring this to the human world, falling in love with your mother is just... sick... Anyway, in the humn world, this would be termed Oedipus Complex.

My point is that, I love my mother. Not in that way, but I think I've realised that I like girls who show some features of my mother. My mother is authoritative, which comes with the perks of a ateacher. She thought us and instilled the discipline in us as far as I can remember. And this is a trait that I've noticed in the girls I like. THis girl that I like is a lnatural leader. She commands well, and is able to capture other's hearts. She takes charge of various activities and would take on daring aadvenntures...

I'v always looked up to my mother. She always taught us maths, which stil remains my most favourite subject (though I have not done it in a long long long long time...) My mother is smart. She can speak most chinese dialecs, solve most maths questions... I do feel sometimes proud when I can teach her somehting, like in computing stuff, and teacher her sudoku was fun! I've aleays been attracted to smart women. I wouldn't fall for those helpless dumb blonds if you know what I mean. Being able to say the right thing at the right place in the right way has always attracted me.

I guess my weakest point would be how much they care. Not just to me, but to other people, and not just the "Have you eaten yet?", "Your hair needs combing," comments, but my general well being. Not so much of telling me what to do, but more like telling me how to improve myself. Teach a man to fish, and I'll somehow get there... Not just advice, but someone who unerstands me and is able to cheer me up

Putting all the pieces together and adding a few points of things that I like over the years, I've created an image of a perfet person, at least to me. This girl that I've fallen for is caring, kind, authoritative, smart, talented, strong and bold, beautiful... The saddest thing is that she's unobtainable. For one, I think she's way out of my league, and that she likes someone else. And that she is an anime character...

The guy that she likes is not a perfect boyfriend, not a perfect person socially either, but I do wonder what can a guy offer to a girl such as her. The only thing that he does is annoy her and protects her with his life. He would go to extreme measures to ensure her safety. I guess what girls really want is some form of security. Someone who can make them feel safe, protected, someone they can depend on.

Am I right, ladies?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

One more week...

It was just last week when I could shout, "THERE'S TWO MORE WEEKS!!!" and frantically start reading my notes.

Now, I am at the stage where I can't cramp anything in. I finished the notes, but honestly don't remember anything. I've been slacking for almost 6 hours now, since lunch, and I still don't have the mood to do anything.

I went on Vent to chat to my guildies. The greeted me warmly and wished me luck.

Read an e-mail from my mother. Found out that I am not going to be graduating when my mother retires. And that my parents are working extra hard to finance me here.

At the end of this 6 hour period of boredom, I had a few ideas running through my head:
1. I know more than I think I do
2. I would usually have a friend I could talk to, as it have been for the past few years, but this year, I am alone. Truly alone.
3. The stars are beautiful... Though people in the other hemisphere have a different picture
4. If I started working and stop studying, I could finance my WoW addiction.
5. 1 hour of social games is NOT enough to satisfy boredom.
6. Study time read. Leisure time read. Geez, my eyes need a break from words!!!
7. I started to see signs against me doing medic... dating back to my JC days:
i. I didnt do well in Bio and Chem, the two important subjects for Med
ii. I didn't do well enough to get into Med NUS... nor dentistry
iii. When buying the application form, my father's car got broken into. (Vista, sheesh)
iv. Expensive course fees, parents had to work extra hard
v. Went through tough times, still indicative of 'i should not proceed further'
vi. Problems getting cheaper options for phase II
vii. Difficulty applying for a Visa to enter Australia
viii. Going through difficult times here
ix. Lead into temptation of WoW
Makes me feel like quitting while I'm ahead...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fireworks, Gandalf! Fireworks!

Its quite a beautiful thing to watch from afar, fireworks are… But to see them at ground zero, that’s something different! Despite my fear of the upcoming exams, we still managed to take a whole day off and went to a carnival/fun-fair/entertainment fair. It has everything a carnival needs, games, rides, shows and holes in your pocket.

I spent too much money at that place. We were literally throwing away our money. At least for one game, where your $1 coin must land perfectly within a square… We didn’t win anything, but in the end, I bought a prize to keep me sane. However, I got to try games that I wanted to for a long time, shooting and darts. I love those projectiles… all I need now is accuracy.

We also walked around and bought show bags, bags that contain stuff they were promoting, and for a very cheap price. Playboy magazines, Chocolates, Gamer magazines, you name it, you got it. I bought some beads that would allow me to start on a project that I have been planning since my Singapore days with a visit to Chee Seng’s place. Now, all I need is time… after exams…

We also played with baby farm animals. I learnt something new: I’m calling chickens with wild hairdo’s as Chooks. Chooks are slang for chicken Australia, but these funky haired ones deserve a name… I also managed to meet several kids. They were so cute and cuddly with their innocent behaviour. They jump around, enjoying the cooing of the crowds. And they eat everything! Or at least try to.

Then came the highlight of the event, a show in the central stadium. By the time we got there, we’ve missed quite a lot. But I knew there were stuff involving helicopters and emergency vehicles… Anyway, when we started watching, there were horses. It’s quite different from the horses in WoW and this is certainly much more majestic. They didn’t so much, but just showing them is enough to cheer and clap.

Then came the higher horsepower riders… This showdown was excellent! The horses on one side, and the cars on the other, slowly inching their was to each other… Then, BAM! The horses surrounded the cars, the cars desperately trying to get out of the circle. The cars roared but the horses stood fast. Then one car broke out of the circle. Two horses were on it immediately. They chased the car around the field while the remaining 4 horses continued their hold on the frantic cars. Finally, they managed to ‘lasso’ back the runaway car into the circle. Yee-Haw!

The next part was with just the cars. It was just brilliant. “Turn left to turn right,” says the quote from Disney’s Cars. It was just fantastic! Imagine the Red Arrows making formations in the sky. Now, picture cars instead of planes and ground instead of air. That’s what it was like. They made crazy formations only seen in traffic jams! Only centimeters apart and driving at a fast speed! Then of course it wasn’t complete without a stunt involving ramps and flying cars.

The last part of the show was a firework display, and we got to see it at the base. The sounds and explosions don’t come with a delay! It was great fun and breathtaking (coz of all the smoke…) And all that I can think of during the firework display? Copper burns blue, magnesium burns white…


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