Monday, November 15, 2004

Malaysians Is Stupid

There was a piece of news some time back, about a mother who lost 2 of her children due in a car accident. As the family was jay walking, a speeding car couldn’t stop in time and killed one child on the spot and another was badly injured and died in the hospital. The mother tried to sue the driver for compensation.

Who do you think is wrong? Or the Jay Walking Mother? The Speeding Driver?

On jay walking. Today, I was driving along Jalan Imbi, in the heavy rain and traffic was slow moving. We passed by a taxi stand, with cars packed in it. Not taxis, just normal cars. A frustrated taxi driver at the end of the queue was honking away angrily. His car had passengers, but can’t drive them out. At the other end, a car waiting for his friend in the shade. But that wasn’t the point of this article…

As we moved further down, we approached the Bukit Bintang Monorail Station. We see people covering their heads with they handbags, newspapers, or just their hands, partially drenched rushing across the street. Just 5 meters away, an overhead crossing. Seems like a normal scene right? I noted to my father, “Would the pedestrians use it if there was an escalator up?” I mean, the normal excuse why people jay walk is because “Why cross there, when I can just cross here?” “Waste time la, walking so much so far,” or “Siao ah? Walk up stairs?”

Yes, I agree that the reasons seem logical in a certain way, BUT… there is always a but… At the time I made that statement, it was RAINING, and there WERE escalators. So what’s the deal? Malaysians is stupid.

On speeding. The law now says that there will be a RM300 fine for ANY road offences, from running a red light to causing a highway pileup. This includes SPEEDING. Why do Malaysians like to speed? Could it be the influences of the Schumacher Bros. or Knight Rider or Speed Racer? The only logic I know is that people who speed either like the wind in their faces or too impatient to follow the speed limit.

We can rule out wind in their faces because most people roll up their windows and turn their air-con full blast. I also know of a driver who speeds but doesn’t like roller coasters because it’s “just too fast!” So it must be they are impatient. (The other reason I can think of is the thrill of it, but that is just plain wrong…) Why are they impatient? I have no idea, if someone can give me solid reasons, you are more than welcome to share it to the rest of Malaysia too.

I heard this being said before, “The faster you drive, the faster you go to hell.” Don’t you think it’s true?

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