Monday, May 29, 2006

Shining Light
a poem...
Religious Turmoil

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First Review:
Life of Pi is a smart little book. An Indian boy, who grew up a Hindu, who embraced Lord Jesus as his Savior, and Praised Allah. Quoting Ghandi (I believe), Piscine Molitor Patel told his parents in front of three religious heads that all religions are true, and that the religions all praise one God, and that all he wanted to do was to love God. It was interesting to read about how the three religious heads at each other's throats about whose religion is wrong and whose was right, and to be shut up at the reason this young boy gave. If all the religions are true, it either means all of us are doomed to hell, or all of us will be in heaven.

His story starts out with jumbled pieces of his life, telling us more about his childhood and he what person he turned out to be. His tells us his adventures in religion, and in his father's zoo. Then, how he ended up on a trip to Canada, in which the ship sank and cause him to be in a boat with an Orang Utan, a Zebra, a Hyena and a Bengal Tiger. At first, I thought his story was not credible at all. How could all these animals be on that boat? Then as the story progressed, I believed it more and more to be true. It was not impossible and he basically tells us about laws of survival.

This story tells us about how Pi survived those months on the boat, and about the animal in all of us, and what the desire to survive can do to us.

As I read the last chapters of the book (100 in all) a friend called about going out to watch the movie Posseidon. Great, another story about a sinking ship... (oh, btw, this book is going to be a movie next year)

Second Review:
As my friend and I reached the ticket counter, we asked for tickets for the movie but unfortunately Posseidon was scheduled to be out only oh Thursday, so fortunately, we could watch the Da Vinci Code instead. Oh well, not a sinking ship, but still related to the Life of Pi - Religion.

As I felt myself drawing closer and deeper into Christianity, this movie was a reminder about finding the truth of things. If the facts and fiction in the book/movie were true, I want to know why it is being manipulated. Why can't she be real? Why must she be hidden?

In the book, it says that History is determined by the winner, and that is the history that we know. I recalled the history we learnt in Malaysia, and compare it with the history we learnt in Singapore. Both sides tell different stories, but based on the same facts. Some more hidden than others, and thus... there is a cast of doubt over the best selling book of all time, written by men, who were disciples of Jesus and of God, but still men, who were the winners and heroes of their time.

I learnt before, that followers of Christianity belief in something that they had not witness, but they still have that kind of faith in them. That faith is something that I still cannot embrace nor comprehend.

I will now continue on this journey of mine... in search of the Truth.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I went again to see this marvelous show. STOMP really defines me and my character. I like everything about it. I am everything out of it.

Percussion: I was only in the percussion section for 1 1/2 years, but it has affected me greatly. I still remember how I handled the drum with lots of beads in it, to make sounds of the waves in Song of Sailor and Sea... I remember I had to play the bass guitar in I remember I had to play many instruments myself and any mistake I make would be made known to all... I was never a solo player. But I actually learnt to be confident with myself and go all out. Confidence is what I still lack, but I will slowly get there. Slowly.

Percussion also made known to me the wonders of rhythm. I grew to love rhythms more and more and the deep resonating hums of the drums always get me going. It reminds me of the 'lub-dub' sounds that keeps us alive. I love the necessary accessory sounds, which gives the piece a sparkle and liveliness...

Dance: Another form of activity in which I enjoy doing. I have not danced in a while... and watching STOMP brings back many memories, from my first attemps from watching Backstreet Boys', 5ive's, and N'sync's music video back in secondary school, to Orientation in NJC, to cheerleading times in IMU. I wish I could learn more, I wish I could do more.

Trash: I love trash. One man's wine is another man's poison. Or rather, another man's poison is my wine. I keep everything, and my mother always complains that I keep all these junk. But I never like throwing things out, coz everything I see has some purpose. You will never know when you just might need the use of a paper cup or straws. Straws I make into flowers. Cups I make into... cups. but you catch my drift... In STOMP, everythings can be made into music. Throw in a few trash cans, some brooms, some basket balls and heck, even the kitchen sink, and you will have an orchestra of wonderful noise.

Comedy: Everyone needs comedy. But it is something that does not come by practise. You can try, like me, but if you have it, you have it. If you don't, sometimes it's hard. I was always in company of person who has interesting and funny things to say or do. And I've always enjoyed a good laugh. I love watching comedies, reading sarcastic wit, and just acting crazy. Everyone loves humour. Laughter is contagious, and it is the best medicine.

Monday, May 22, 2006

One time, at Med camp...
(pictures in a while)

I just got back form Med camp. It has everything to do with medic, but not much of the knowledge stuff. We did things related to medic. On the first day, we had an intern to talk to us about what he has done and what installed for us. The next day we had lecturers telling us about what we can do as doctors aside from medicine, like relief work and research. We even had the person who discovered H. Pylori, Robin Warren, come talk to us. On the last day, we had a psychiatrist come in and tell us about treatments that we would never ever think of but was proven to work.

We also managed to do some suturing on poor pork limbs. We also had a little bit of Yoga. We wrapped ourselves in plaster and bandages...

The nights were filled with fun activities. We played poker, basketball, soccer... Sat by the campfire... explored the beach in the middle of the night... and played with two little kids. I guess the highlight of the camp was the quiz in the second night. No, not the medic based stuff you would think, but stuff like sports, music, things about the batch, and things about the country. I had fun doing the puzzles and I still have not gotten the answer for: 7 C___ in the B___ and 22 P___ on a S___ H____.

The grand prize was a Harrison's.

It was a fun time at Med camp.

oh yeah, I've seen some blogs having these little things somewhere and I've decided to add it in too:
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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Making girls cry...

I really feel guilty, that I was a part of making a girl cry. Maybe it's just inate in me to make girls cry >_<, but this is probably the worst I felt. I'm SORRY!!! It got me thinking though... about why people cry. For some, crying is a sign of weakness. Like how they say men should not cry, as it is showing that you cannot handle the situation emotionally. I recalled, during the process of making that someone cry, that when I was little, I used to cry often. I was usually bullied by my siblings or my cousins, as they took advantage of me. We got along, but when it comes to the games like Speed, and Chess, I cried whenever I lose, feeling that things are not fair. How many people can actually take unfairness and still have a smile on their face? And how long can that smile last?

Maybe I cried because I am sad? Sad that I lost? Sad that I could not prove to them that I am of equal standard? But being sad is everywhere. I can cry at movies, watching that hero sacrifce himself at the very end to save the world, at the sight of the creature fighting for his life but still die... But I didn't cry at my grandmother's funeral. I don't know why, but I was sad. I guess it still comes back to fairness; whether it was fair for her to be taken from us.

Another reason for crying would also be for attention. When I lose, I want the game to be my win and I cry so that the other person will give in to me. I cry so that I will win next time. But that rarely happens... but still, crying to gain pity is a very common thing to do. So does sulking, throwing tantrums, giving the cold shoulder, etc... but they still are different forms of crying. But...

What she showed, was a differnt kind of crying. I could only think of how mature she was when she cried. She didn't throw tantrums, she didn't want anyone to be spoiling her, she didn't demand that things were done... she was just crying to herself and jumped back on her feet. She even talked things out and everything worked out well in the end. I really wish you well and God bless you even more.

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