Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not Happy New Year

I haven't spend Chinese New Year with my family in ages. I cannot remember when it was. Everything was still the same routine, but it felt all new to me. Partially because of so many new additons to the family. And this time round, I also had to drive a lot more in the dangerous roads of Malaysia... As of today, The Star records a total of 14 fatalities from 937 accidents and 11,126 summons from Ops Sikap XIX.

Driving is hazzardous. While I was cruising along just under the speed limit, out shoots cars both on the right AND left (yes, even the emergency lane) with speeds of over 140kmph. I wouldn't mind them usually, but what they do is to turn on their headlights so that you can see them coming from behind. If you pretend not to see, they drive so close to your car, you feel as though they are breathing down your neck. As if we don't need to go to where we want to go in a hurry.

I am also very annoyed at those cars who decide to take the emergency lane to zoom past the queue to get to the head of the line, bypassing a few hours wait. We were already 1 hour in the jam, moving slowly in que, when we see a third lane forming before our eyes. If you imagine, the gate only allows two lanes in, and those in the third lane cutting in at the beginning of the que, making those who are already in the line wait longer. Not only does the authorities not punish them, but even started directing traffic so that the third lane is allowed in. Oh yeah, not to mention, the third lane was the bus lane, and so the busses make the 4th lane and cars follow them... and... you can guess the rest.

So my thoughts are, that those who are ruthless, cut queues, and have no regards for traffic rules get where they want easier than those who follow rules. Why bother having rules.

And don't get me started with breaking rules and bribes. As if this country has any integrity at all. I mean look at the politics.

I feel that drivers think only for themselves and never give a moment's thought to other road users. If someone gives you way for you to cut in, it is because you're 'pro' at cutting in. If someone doesn't, he's an asshole. The only thing preventing accidents from happening is you not wanting your own car to get damaged.

If you remember from 'A Beautiful Mind', where John Nash gets the idea for governing dynamics and his Nash Equilibrium, if that is applied to driving, I am pretty sure that everyone will be a safer driver and everyone will be happy. But as of now, I conclude that most drivers a selfish pricks.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trip to Ipoh

I went to Ipoh the past two days. I managed to watch "The Spirit" (which I will write on later) and buy some of my new year clothes. I was also dragged to accompany my mother in a course to string beads/crystals into jewelry. I've posted up the final products on my facebook album, but I'll post two samples here:

This has a retail value of RM 190

This has a retail value of RM 120
Everyone says I have talent in doing handy crafts. I have inherited this from my paternal grandmother and my mother. And being a boy, I have broaden my interest in crafting stuff to robot models, particularly Gundam ones.
Me being good at handyworks is one of the reasons why I got into medicine. What does that got to do with being a doctor? Well, it is more of being a surgeon.
But it is going take a while before I can use my hands for that. So in the meanwhile, I am just going to indulge myself in making these stuff.
Oh yeah, the jewelry, I am selling them, so if you are interested, please let me know.

Other than that, my trip to Ipoh was uneventful. Except for a glimsp of beautiful girls. Which made me feel more lonely... and desperate...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


To be screened again as a US version, narrated by James Earl Jones is the 2006 release of Earth, previously narrated by Patrick Steward. I am not sure why this trailer captivated me more than the first one. Maybe it was because I didn't have the facilities for watching it, or it wasn't hyped enough... I mean I enjoyed March of the Penguins. This should be my thing. But somehow it escaped me the first time. Not going to miss it again this time. Yes, I am marking Earth Day as a day to watch this documentary.

What captivated me this time round was the trailer music:
Love & Loss by TSFH
Sigur Ros by Hoppipolla

I've embedded the second song onto this blog for you to listen. The first song is more captivating, but a short 1 minute song. Both of them are nice, at least to me.

2009 hosts a very good range of movies which I would like to watch. Here is a small list of what I want to see:
Curious Case of Benjamin Button - A baby with features of an old man grows into a young man. I must know the ending.
Push - Another movie about people with special powers.
Gran Torimo - War veteran in multiracial neighbourhood
9 - post apocalypic animation about stuffed toys. Released on 09.09.09. ^_^
Transformers 2
Star Trek
Caroline - Stop motion capture movie brought to you by the same people behind Nightmare Before Christmas. Oh yeah, in 3D.
Inkheart - Children adventure book.
Watchmen - Superheroes.
The Spirit - Another comic to screen movie. Plus girls.
Angels and Demons - Prequel to The Da Vinci Code. I love Dan Brown's novels.
X-men Origins: Wolverine - People with powers. Again.
Dragonball Evolution
Terminator: Salvation
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince - 3rd last movie...
G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra - Based on the cartoon of the 80's. Reliving your childhood.
AstroBoy - Another CGI animation.
Sherlock Holmes - All time favourite mystery solver.
Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans - Prequel to the Underworld series. More background story of Vampires and Werewolves.

There's more... I just can't remember them all.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Budget Flights

I hate budget flights. Yes, they are cheap. But I think I prefer comfort more.
Back in the mid year holidays, I was saved by having the seat where the emergency exits were. They had more leg space and I was comfortable.

However, my other experience with budget flights left me with crowded spaces. The worst was Air Asia with the 'reclining' chairs actually reduce the space that you have. And in the end, it was still not reclined enough to get a good night's rest. Not to mention the lack of entertainment. I could not find the catalogue to buy stuff from, and the pay-per-view entertainment was not good enough. Even though I bought a novel to read on the flight, I was too tired to read it. Unfortunately, it was not comfortable enough to sleep either. In summary, I hated the flight.

I am not the only one who complained though. It also appeared in one of the editorials in 'The Star.'

Yes I am pampered. Someday, I will get my own jet.

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