Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I just can't wait until my exams are over. This is the list of movies that I want to watch:
The Mist Stephen King thriller with plot from Half-life. Should be interesting, no?
Beowolf Mythology... another movie with dragons and monsters. Yum...
Golden Compass Quests, adventures and animal spirits... I wonder what animal would I have?
Enchanted I am just curious. Really intrigued by Disney and their ideas
Grace is Gone Another movie to satisfy my achieving Fatherhood curiosity
Juno Well... motherhood is also important right?
When did you last see your father It just sounds touching... I miss home already.
The Bucket List Death surrounds me all the time, its never too late to start.
Southland Tales I am just curious how entertainment stars act together in the movie industry. And I think there is some sci fi in it too...
August Rush Music, it is the core of my soul...
Slipstream A movie about making a movie, then characters from each get mixed up. How confusing. NICE...
Music Within Just sparked from my Paediatric term with disabled kids
27 Dresses I hated the character in Greys Anatomy, but my personality test says i should consider the 'Maid of Honor'
Jumper I bend time-o and space. Yatta!
Bee Movie Just to fulfil my cartoon needs.
The Seeker I only seen the posters...
Hairspray Dance, hell, why not?
Rush Hour 3 Naked girls. why not?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Johnny Mnemonic

Some Couples Try Positions That They Cannot Handle
ABCDE (Melanoma)
Rule of 4

Monday, November 12, 2007


When you type /train while playing World of Warcraft, you get one of the most annoying sounds in the game. Well, second to the gorillas in STV, at least for me...

The reason I brought it up is this train of thought I had today. It started this morning while I struggled to customize my Neverwinter Nights 2 character. I wanted to make my existing character an Arcane Archer, but it was taking so slow that I went to search online for tricks. I found the page and it gave me a really good build. I was so stucked on my previous NVN1 build with wizardry and ranger style that I did not realise that there was another arcane caster, the Bard. And instead of just a Ranger, it tells me to use a Rogue for extra skill points. I mean, wow, I never knew that. So, in other words, my build will be Rogue (3), Ranger (4), Bard (3), Arcane Archer (10). So I decided to create a new character and try it. I made a Human Rogue and built it from there. I got to the Arcane Archer part... and found out AA are only meant to me Elf or Half Elf. Sheesh. So I went on to try on my existing Character and reseting the levels and everything. Alas, no Bard coz my alignment was Lawful. So I changed that as well and then... I lost one of my followers. Screw it. I decided to start from scratch... again... and since I don't have the luxury of doing that right now, I decided to screw the game for now and uninstalled it.

After that I sought for another possible game to play. The one that I chose was The Witcher. My friend had it and I after copying an image of the DVD to my computer, I tried to run the game. I couldn't. I made a guess and thought that it was my virtual image program that was causing the problem, so I uninstalled it and installed another virtual drive. Again it didn't work. And now, I am left with 2 virtual drives with much annoyance.

I tried to get rid of it, but even uninstalling it and deleting the drive, it still comes back whenever I restart my computer. I searched the web for solutions and I luckily, the steps to remove it were easy. It didn't cause any problems after that.

I didn't want any traces of the program anymore, so I decided to scan my computer, for spyware and viruses, and to clear my registry. Each took about 40minues to complete. It was all clear though. After that was done, I was thinking, might as well clear stuff off my computer. So I went on a hunt to organise my folders and cleaning it out. After that was done, I proceeded to clear my external harddisk. I got rid of about 100mb worth of duplicated files and junk. I decided to call it because there was just too much.

As I went through my folders, I stumbled upon all my work throughout my life. From my adventures in Singapore to the dramatic IMU and the introduction UWA time. Wonderful moments captured on film, events embedded in powerpoint presentations, and journals and poems. I miss the times I had acting wild and free... sigh... While talking about things with Raj online about how crazy we were back then, I recalled the interesting stuff he used to bring us. One of them being a movie clip called Russel Peters.

So I decided to go look for that video. I had my laughs for about 20 minutes, which left me to go search for more Russel Peters. I found the CD that contained the 45 minute version and watched that. Yup, it was definitely worth it. He is just hilarious. I mean, he makes fun of all the races of the world, but nobody thinks that he is racist. I guess he opened with insulting his own race, which is the most tactful thing to do, right?

Anyway, another thing on the CD caught my eye... Stomp Out Loud. So I decided to watch that too. I wrote so many times before how much I love Stomp. Well. I STILL LOVE STOMP. After that 40 minutes of rhythmic beats I went to look for more online. I found another movie, made my the creaters of Stomp, Pulse: a Stomp Odyssey. It was about rhythmic beats of the world. It was briliant. Every nation, every history, percussion is the basis of their music. Brilliant. I so want it...

While looking through Stomp, I recalled a blog post by KenJ about a spider. I realised that other than mosquitoes, I can NEVER stomp an insect. I just can't. I have the power to do so, but I never have the heart to squish anything. I cannot imagine squishing an ant, I cannot imagine swatting a fly, I cannot imagine stepping on a spider. It's not that I am afraid of them, I just can't kill them. Call it Buddhism.

Here ends my train of thought for the day. I end with, I cannot harm another living thing.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"Hello Mr JB, I am one of the doctors working on call tonight. I have called you to this quiet room because I have some news to tell you. I have just seen your X-rays and there seems to be some opacification in the right upper lobe of your lungs. There is many causes for that opacification; it could be a benign cyst, or tuberculosis, or pneumonia, but given your history of smoking and coughing out blood, we are looking at the possibility of cancer. We have to conduct further studies to confirm the diagnosis. What we would like to do is get your consent for the different proceedures to do that.

"First test is a sputum culture. What we will do is collect a sample of your sputum and send it for review under the microscope. Sometimes, some of the cancer cells may get coughed out, but we can also look for bacteria to check for TB.

"We also would like to get a CT scan of your chest, to have a better look at the opacification. We also can get a good idea of where it is and allows us to do the next test.

"If it is near the surface, we would take a sample through the outside of the chest wall. Or if it is deeper in the lungs, we would have to reach it through your airways, by bronchoscopy. Once we get a sample, we can make a more definite diagnosis. If it is cancer, we would also be able to stage the cancer.

"With the staging done, we can administer the appropriate therapy.

Monday, November 05, 2007


I have 14 days left before my final exams. Over the last few months, I have seen friends get panic attacks, one by one, prompting them to study excessively for the exams. Frankly, I was more worried about not being worried about the incoming exams. I guess I am a too over-confident with myself and I keep putting off studying to 'tomorrow'. That was a few months ago.

I guess you can say I finally woken up from my year long sleep. The sudden realization occured during my manic episode yesterday. We went out for Dim-Sum for lunch and went shopping in the city after. I already planned to get a new computer for next year if I passed my exams, so I went to get myself new speakers. While lugging back that 10kg box home, the beautiful computer that I am going to build next year kept popping in my head. I got home, slowly put my speakers together and basking in the awesomeness surround sound from my speakers. I have no idea why, but I found more pleasure listening to 'Fields of Hope' than any other heavy bass songs that I had. It had perfect soft bass running in the background and soothed my senses...

Enough of that. As I continued listening and imagining my new computer, I came to a realization that if I do not stay in Australia, I will have to transport back my computer and speaker home. It hit me... I MUST NOT GO BACK.

So, to prevent spending a fortune on transporting back my computer and not to mention the cost of studying medicine for 5 years, I finally got started on my studying. I have 14 days left.

Oh, half a day already passed. 13 1/2 days to go.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


This is a poem/riddle I found. Love it ^_^

Down below the shining moon
Around the trees, a sacred gloom
Running with the midnight sky
Knowing the thing that makes you cry
Night is full with my essence
Eternal light betrays my presence
Soaring through my endless task
Shadows are my faithful mask

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