Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gulliver's Travels

I have to say, I didn't enjoy the movie. I only remember 2 things that were funny enough to laugh out loud. Rest of it was painful, and a complete waste of 3D effects. Even the introduction short film, Scrat's Adventures, was a pathetic waste of 3D resources. You would not know the difference if it was in 2D. Really. Wasteful. Painful.

I also this remake of a classic. Jack Black's character just reminds me of Ben Stiller's movies, which is really annoying. It's just about a guy who tries so hard to be someone he is not, trying to act cool or macho without the desired effect, and just digs his own grave even deeper.

Yes, it spawned from insecurity and cowardice, something I am very familiar with. But this is just an extreme of what is capable. I guess that is my take home message from the movie, be honest even though it hurts your ego.

So the two funny parts:
Gulliver putting out the fire
Re-invention of brand names and slogans. G-pod.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Walking Dead

I don't usually like watching horror films. Even if I do, I watch it, or playing something scary, I'll do it during the day.

So why am I so attracted to this particular post apocalyptic zombie fear fest show then?

There have been many reasons why zombies came to be. Voodoo magic. Lacking full consciousness. Losing one's mind. Psychotropic drugs. Reanimation virus. Parasitic aliens.

Evolution has made it such that we have several parts to our brain and thinking. The Cortex, the most visible and distinguishable part hosts the hight functioning, reasoning, thinking, solving. Then, theres the midbrain, which hosts our instincts, flight or fight responses. Stripped of higher functions, you are reduced to simple animals, who just wants to survive.

They have simple equations, simple principles, and the way those instincts manifest can be surprising.

Something alive = Food
Sound = something alive
Sound = Food.

so they will follow the sound until they find food.

Fellow zombie is following a source of sound/food.
Follow fellow zombie to get to source of sound/food.

Horde of zombies following a source of sound/food.
Horde joined by second horde. Zombie parade.

Fellow zombie brushed hand against door handle.
Fellow zombie must have found food behind door
Must get through door to food.

Smells dead, acts dead, sounds dead = probably dead
Smells not dead, acts not dead, sounds not dead = probably food.

On the other hand, the survivors have adapted to the apocalypse.
There is the type that despairs and commits suicide or merciful homicide.
There is the type that despairs and look to others for hope, strength in numbers.
There is the type that bands others in a dictatorship to protect themselves.
There is the type that is reduced to cannibalism to survive.
There is the type that turns to religion.
There is the type that turns to science.

There is so much about the human psyche in The Walking Dead. That is why I love the show, the concept. I can't wait for season 2.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


What do you get if you cross the protagonists of District 9 and War of the Worlds?

What do you get when you combine brain hunting zombies with alien technology?

What do you get if Independence Day and War of the Worlds had no glimmer of hope?

The ideas behind Skyline isn't new. Aliens attack. Humans die. Humans fight back. What made it interesting was that:
1. Aliens had a purpose. Brains.
2. Humans die. But becomes fuel for aliens.
3. Humans fight back. And lose.

Similarities between zombies and Skyline aliens:
Both want brains.
Both don't want to stay dead.
Both have brains as weak points.
Both can't be stopped by the army.

Things I don't like about the movie:
Meaningless introduction. Kinda like bad scary movies, all about sex crazed teens.
Slow progression. Really a bunch of "No, we wait here where it's safe," vs "We have to get out of here."
Stupid characters who think they have it all figured out. I-am-cool-because-I-have-a-weapon attitude. Well, you died, they didn't. Nyeh.

Things I like about the movie:
Dog fights

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