Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Lately, I have been plagued by nightmares. Not really scary ones, but enough to wake me up a few times at night in a cold sweat. It doesn't help that mosquitoes are constantly buzzing at your ear. I mean, I switch on the fan to blow away the mosquitoes, and end up awake because of un-oiled buzzing fan noise. Unrestful sleep.

Dream 1:
I attribute this dream to too much travelling during the CNY period and watching too much Amazing Race Asia. I mean they screened the whole season 3 back to back on CNY day.

So in my dream, I drive/run from toll-gate to tell-gate, and have to do various tasks there, to get through to the next toll-gate. While being chased by something... Another team, with guns or something. Anyway, its just running and running...

Dream 2:
I can't think of any reference for this one, but it is about me being a spy in the other team's camp, and the teams are like police vs terrorists. They really kill. At least in my dreams. Then something like a get together, a contest if you will, between the two factions. And I am in between the whole mess.

In the end, I end up running from the two factions, through neutral cities. And for some strange reason I am suddenly resourceful, like Macguyver, in escaping...

Dream 3:
I probably miss my computer too much with this one. I dreamt that I finally reached home, where my computer is. And instead of playing my favourite game, I get too much distraction to play it. It isn't much of a nightmare, but it is really weird. I dreamt as though it was second nature to me to turn on my computer when I get home, but I don't use it. It was like it became a habit to turn it on, but not to use it. I DON'T NOT USE COMPUTERS. I don't know how else to discribe it. It wasn't me in my dream. IT WASN'T ME.

I cannot remember my other dreams, but it was weird dreams. I am pretty sure I will get more tonight... we'll see...

Dream 4:
As I suspected, I will have another bizzaire dream and it came through. I dreamt that I was in Singapore, trying to locate the 5x5x5 Rubik cube. While I searched the stores along Orchard Road, I stumbled upon a charity function, and unintendedly won some prize. I also manage to meet up with my band mates from NJC, who also helped me look for the cube. Despite that, I didn't get the cube. And suddenly it was a race to the airport and it was nearing my departure time.

I guess this dream stemmed from my desire to get hold of the cube and me worrying about making it on time for my flight tomorrow. I know for a fact that even though we check in 2hours earlier, we can still hang around doing nothing for quite some time before boarding. But my last flight home, we were actually called to board, something that never happens to time conscious people like me and Chua... weirder things have happened though...

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Spirit, Inkheart

These are the two movies which I managed to catch during this holiday break. I cannot believe how cheap the movie tickets here are. RM6 for students. I'm paying 2 times that in Australia... which makes it 5times more once converted. Anyway...

The Spirit.
In the spirit of comic-to-big-screen movies, The Spirit manages to retain its comic-like angles and colours to bring out the story of a guy who cannot die against a villian who cannot die. Both without any super powers except that they regen so fast that they cannot die. As for the name, it was so-so, The Spirit of the City. But I like to be the hero. He is suave, and every sentence he says to a girl, instantly melts her and catches her heart. And he was 'just being nice'. I wonder what will happen if he TRIES to get a girl.

What about the villian? The octopus. No meaning behind it until the end, where he shows that he has eight of everything, and explodes into 8 parts flying away with a trail of smoke, making him look like an octopus. His henchmen were funny... but no added value to the movie.

Oh, and the highlight, the girls... All of them beautiful, Eva Mendes being the most. Almost nude scene. Or not almost. I wouldn't know. Because they censored the part in Malaysia. Thats the only thing I don't like about Malaysia. They censored those scenes. And intense kissing scenes. I don't see a reason why they should. But they could, the would, and they did.

Overall, I like those comic to screen adaptations coz of the new camera angles and colouring which is usually unheard of in movies, making new angles in cinematography.

I also like to watch book-to-big-screen movies like City of Ember, Narnia, LotR, etc. even though it spoils the book. One thing it takes away is the imagination, and it plants fixed images, like that it did to the Harry Potter books. Some things, cannot be put to screen, like thoughts and the beauty of descriptions and best left in the book.

What I like about this movie is that it is a book about books. I manage browse through the book, to find acknowledgements at the end, with references to all the books that the author uses in Inkheart. It was more than what I've seen in the movie, and I know that they left out chapters from the book. It isn't just about the number of books used, but they use the original text, and not some 'modernized text' version. It makes me want to read those books. I know the story, but I would probably never recognise the original version when I see one.

Basically what this movie did was rekindle my love for books and story writing.

What I miss the most about watching movies in Malaysian cinemas are the caramel coated popcorn... I dunno why I prefer diabetes over hypertension...

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